Movement of Word

by- mickeye48 –

Lyrical scripting
Poetic extensions of the mind
Focusing on the verbs
Feeling their movement
Stinging like a thousand fire ants
On a hot summer day
Making you reach down and scratch
To take the pain away
Shear pleasure of the flow of word
Making love to you
Needing you, wanting you
Too afraid not to write you
Scripting the sublime
Close your eyes and write
Feel what you need to say, then
Say it, take your time
Go beyond the norm with
Write educate our minds with
Your own
Need to read what you feel
Incorporate and it and grow
Pieces of your mind floating
Around, like remnants in a water glass
Trying to catch what you want to say
One word at a time
Making you tear at the thought of
A thought beyond control
That had long since been buried
Reaching and picking up the baggage
But you only put it on paper
You dare not write
What your heart is feeling
Somebody might judge you
But the creative juices
Seep out like sweat during good sex
The blockage is too hard to bear
Can’t finish the piece
Staring at the paper
Its killing you cause
Your pores are opened
And the beads of words keep
Popping out on your skin
Close your eyes and start again
Ah, that’s it that’s the thought
The verses began to form again
True love of verse is a jealous love
Don’t want anyone touching your word
But it seems like someone just jacked a line
We’re a mindset
Thinking along the same lines and
Rhymes conjoins us like twins
Spitting verse as if we were born together
Love it,
Embrace it
Taste it
Digest it
Write it
Don’t ever murder
The lyrical scripting
phone call
Long Dinner
Flirty conversation
silk sheets
nina simone playing
flickering candles
chocolate pudding
kinky movie
whipped cream
sticky embraces
humid environment
eyes talking
caramel kisses
Wet sheets
playful fingers
wet flesh
grinding hips
hungry mouths
hot hands
a touch
a caress
a smile
a laugh
Just thinking about this….Feels GOOD

The result of a broken heart

by – blackpanther –

Heart Broken, was it so simple?
A tear as small as a dimple.
Sliding down the rough partially smooth surface.
Changing directions, moving as if there was a purpose,a destination to reach.
Deeping pounding from the beast, slowly choking your throat with each beat.
Such Sorrow as if there’s no tommorow.
Flash backs of this old sinatra…
Lovely days are now old to nothing but pouty eyes.
In the shadow of despair.
Why cant you be there?
This is my result of a broken heart.

As I Ponder the Depths of MY Soul

by- slikasista –

As I Ponder the depths of my soul I feel a sense of longing.
Why am I at a loss for answers?
This longing is so foreign to me.
I feel so isolated from the very essence of me.
I wake in the morn restless and confused.
Did my dreams not give me the clues to the answers I so desperately needed?
Or were the nightmares so ghastly that I dare not probe?
As I ponder the depths of my soul.
In search of the true meaning of me.
I am so afraid to unlock Pandoras Box.
The things that are so securely locked away,
may be hidden in the dark abyss of my mind with just cause.
As I Ponder the depths of my soul.
Will I fear the true meaning of me?

In your eyes

by – juscallme_tru –

In your eyes…In your eyes I…in your eyes I found myself. I look harder and find who I am, what I am. In your eyes I found…In your eyes I found the answers to the questions left alone. The riddles left puzzled and the remained mysteries unsolved. In your eyes I’ve fallen to this void, to this voice that seems to silently call my name. Your eyes wispier what the paused tongue never spoke of speaks of.
In your hand…in your hand you hold this poets heart, this person reason and logic. In your palm you hold the dreams of the dreamer in everlasting sleep.
In your presence you bring this lonely one hope this lonely one a love this one a chance for life anew.
Close your eyes and I lose myself and everything I’ve found in you.
Close your hand and brush your palm and you crush and blow away this poets heart and the life that it sustains.
Turn away and you take away the light at the end of the tunnel returning endless darkness and devastation.
With you I’ve found my comfort, my balance to this spiral, and with you I place my everything.


by – Poetic_Satisfaction –

When I look into your eyes
I see Heaven
And when you call my name
I hear an angel.

I think about your loving face
Your kindness, warmth, and sweet embrace

To be held captive in your arms
Is one kidnapping I’d risk
To be rescued by your
Powerful emotion-filled kiss

I dream of when the day will come
When our two hearts can beat as one

To know that you’re mine and mine alone
Makes me feel like I could
Overpower and throne.

I can’t live without you
I need to have you near
Because with you
I have no worries or fears.

You brighten my day
And erase all my tears
I want and need
To be my love

You are my angel from above
You are my knight, my baby
The person I love.

You are the 1st thing
I think of in the morning
And the last thing
I think of at night.


by – sexxycinnamon –

A blank page in a book
all i can do is look
while i look i think
think about the ink
the ink that will fill this page
about the feelings locked up in someones brain
theyll tell you about running in the rain or going insane
or theyll talk about life …or looking at the moon at night
whatever it is someone will write on this empty page
even if it is about pain
someone will read this and that person will feel it
hopefully understand someones
thoughts and feelings because were all human beings.
we all have paper we all have books but,
we all need to write instead of just look
look at and open page in a book

Handed It Ova

by – Poetic_Satisfaction –

All I could whisper was Jesus
No one else could hear my call
All I could whisper was Jesus
The one who catches me when I call

I was down in the depths of despair
It seemed like no one was ever there

But I put my faith in the one above
The one that gives guidance
The one who is love

I thought about my days of hope
My days long ahead
I let the past, be the past
For the suffering didn’t last

While my mind was stayed on my pain
My soul just kept yearning for me to speak his name


All I could murmur was Jesus
Don’t you hear my plea
You are my Lord and Savior
Please come rescue me

The clouds suddenly parted
And I saw this great face

My most fondest memory
Never to be replaced

Because that was the day I gave up my life
And the day I handed it over to Christ.

I Saw

by Poetic_Satisfaction –

I’ve met someone so special
I call her my new friend
‘Cuz I could tell her everything about me
All the things hidden deep within

There were so many things I wanted to confess
The things no one would think were true
She just sat there and listened to me
It’s like she had been there too

We laughed and talked and cried
She seemed to know there was more concealed inside
There was much beauty behind her pain
She told me there’s a rainbow after every rain

She told me to always hold my head up
To always be strong
Because there was big future ahead of me
I just had to make sure I held on

She meant so much to me
And I didn’t know her name
But I could tell that she understood
And knew I wasn’t to blame

Why would someone so rare and kind
Have anything to do with me?
Was it because I needed pity
Or was she jus that sweet?
Was it because she had nothing to do
Or was she sympathetic to everyone she meets?

I don’t know exactly what it was
But I couldn’t let her go
She was so important to me
And she just had to know

As I stared genuinely into her eyes
I saw me deep within
And as I moved in closer
To see the picture clearer
All I saw was my reflection
‘Cuz I was standin’ in front on a mirror.