Questions of How You Teach

I was taught to hold my head high.
I was taught to be strong.
I was taught to speak up,
Or not to be scared of anyone.

I taught to be confident,
And not care about the negative people say about me.
What if the negative is coming from you?
Why all of a sudden teach so differently?

I was taught to be open-minded.
Never to judge others, just leave them alone.
Now why is it so difficult to open your mind,
To someone so uniquely precious at home?

I was taught to want the word of the lord,
And everybody tries to give their all.
Mom what happened?
Why does it hurt a little when you catch me when I fall?

Is it because I was taught,
To love you unconditionally?
Short, broke, beautifully plumped, ma anything.
Why can’t you just do the same for me?

I was taught to never stay down,
Because you’d never get up to win.
Am I such a bad person,
Because in a different way I sin?

Ma, please help me.
I’m so down and I don’t see how I can stand.
You taught me before.
Please, teach me how to get up again.


who knew we weren’t written in the stars
the dark skies love child left bewildered and abandoned
fighting temptations yet giving in
the deepest innocence traded for sin
keeping enemies closer than kin
crying desperation for acceptance of self expression
never being undastood becomes anotha life lesson
afraid of the future but accepting its blessin
using creativity of the mind to replace tha pain thats physical
only thing left is whats sentimental
treasurin the past like its something we need to cling to
bowin our heads and speakin to the man who really knows you
hearts that are dark screaming for skies that are light blue
send me sign better yet tell me the truth
a voice unheard with a body beggin to sing
remember the black athem and let freedom ring


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The reason my tears fall

The reason why my tears fall is because of you
All this pain you taken me through
They fall when I think of you and that chick
Cause you know nobody can love you like I did not even that BITCH
Tears fall when you dont call to check on me every night
I know you miss me right
My tears fall when you act like you dont even care
This is why my tears falls and this aint even fair


The Baddest D.V.I.A In The World

I am a brown skin chick
And all the guys say I’m thick
5’2 cute as i wanna be nobody cant top dis
When i walk through the crew you just cant miss
Im the “DIVA” didnt you get the clue
If you had me for a girl you wouldnt know what to do
My sisters might look at you like you a fool
Everyone knows THE DIVAs number one rule
“All DIVAs get the money cause mama didnt rasie no fool”

If you let me

May i please intrude upon your heart?
I know someone was there before me
and could possibly still have some of her belongings there.
But its OK. I know when the time is right, you will clear her things away.

Let me help you along the way
Let me listen to you talk about everything, and nothing at all
Let me watch you grow into a better person, from lessons learned of life and love
Let me allow you to rest your head on my lap as we watch TV
Let me help you to make new memories
Let me remind you how good love can be
Let me let you inside of me

I don’t want to push the issue
but there is something there
something that would not allow me
to see you down this way

Let me see what this something was pushing me to
Let me hypnotize you with my scent, and intrigue you with my mind
Let me help you along the way
Allow your heart to beat with mine
in tune
in rhythm
on time
Let me hold you close so you can feel me melting onto you

We both have a past
but that is where it needs to stay
back there
We both have a present
and here we are
let me help you make our future

I know pain dwells inside of you
but my pleasure can feel so much better
trust me
I can make this all go away
If you let me


MY MAN loves me…
So you can sit over there and glare at us out of all your jealousy
Look at you showing off your womanly parts and whispering your snide remarks in our direction.
I know its only because you envy the fact that I’m getting MY MANs affection.

You wish that me and you could switch shoes so he could knock yo boots?(HA!) Not even for a day!
Don’t let the classy exterior fool you girl I will NEVER let it go down that way!
I couldn’t care less about y’all’s past or what you and him might have had.
Because thats old news, it aint happening girl! Its over and done like a passing fad…

I hear ya talking, telling ya friends how you thought he just gave you the eye.
But he sitting here with me , with his had on my knee, maybe you should ask yourself why.
Please believe, if he wanted to leave, I love him but I’m not making him stay.
Yet and still, he’s all in my grill, committed to me day by day.

Maybe its because I do what it takes to KEEP MY MAN happy.
And guess what, it don’t take much, why? Because, MY MAN loves ME.

Juaneka Gore…Poetic_Soul

My life…

You may think my life is all goodie goodie and fun
But my life ….(HA) its like a child in a burning down home
Smoke head to toe fighting its way into her lungs
Thick black fog is all you see not knowing where you going to be
Calling out to her mom and dad the smoke tasting like a gallon of gas
Hearing them calling back but she focus on the chemicals and smell
Then all of sudden their call get dell
Now the questions is “will I have to make it out on my own
Or will I need someone to help me carry on”
But den in yet she make it out on her own sweating head to toe and all alone
This is my me a scared and lonely girl


Love is really a vain word
It gets more power and praise than it deserves
When really its responsible for the hurt and pain people often feel
And sometimes that pain takes people years to heal

Really love is very inconsiderate
You tell yourself you dont want to feel it
But here it comes to impose on your heart
Like its a bulls eye in a good game of darts

Love really doesnt take the time to think
It bonds two people who really shouldnt be linked
People who dont have a single thing in common
Love has bruised the pride and dignity of too many men and women

Love is a strong word
It makes people say things that should never be heard
But to tell the truth I really love love.
I guess this proves what I was saying in the stanzas above
Because what would the world be without love?
This selfish, glory stealing word is a beautiful as a white dove.

Juaneka Gore…Poetic_Soul


Exaggerated claims of things to be ashamed
Just to follow the crowd, instead of speaking the truth aloud
To want to feel accepted in this world is just expected
Of me, you, and everyone whose flaws and faults weigh a ton.

Low self-esteem is really a common thing
Although people these days try to act unfazed
Deep down inside always trying to hide
Their true feelings and pains, which never get them any gains

Thats why I say without a doubt, we should shout it out
Let the world know who we really are even if we arent up to par
With the expectations of our current generations
Because nine times out of ten these are the feelings of many other men.

Juaneka Gore…Poetic_Soul