A Lifetime, A Reason, or A Season

I once read a book that said the people you come across throughout your life fall into three categories:
A lifetime,
A Reason,
A Season.

Someone with only a reason for being in your life
Is there to provide you with guidance or support,
Help you physically,
or spiritally.
Or show you how to appreciate life
And what
Or who
You have in it.
When their time with you is over,
They’ll continue on their way.
Time with you was meant to be brief,
There’s nothing you can do or say.

A seasonal being is there to teach you an important lesson,
About yourself
Or about life.
They can bring you joy
Or pain,
And an experience you’ve yet to encounter before them.
But just as life begins to bud on trees in Springtime,
And vibrantly swaying in the midst of the warm breeze of Summer,
Then fading slowing in beauty while dangling in the Fall,
And and finally dying off in Winter
The person ends their time with you,
Sometimes without notice or reason.
Ending your relationship forever,
Because they were only there for a season.

Lifetime people teach lifetime lessons
Throughout your time on earth.
These are people that you love
Who you try trust
And who you accept,
Flaws and all.

Are you positive?

Life is a bitch. I used to enjoy life. But to me life has so many downfalls and they all begin like this…… “Everything was going good up until that day.” Well in my life everything wasnt so good and I knew that worst had not visited me yet but was coming. My boyfriend had played all his cards just to get me to tlak to him. And once we started kicking it things were really good for about the first 2 months or so. Then he started acting out always wanted to leave early and come home late but I let that slide. I started to trip when he would come home late and wake me up out of my sleep just to have sex. Now in the beginning when he wasnt chasing trash in the streets the sex used to be something you couldnt get enough of but once he started getting his time to do whatever he was doing or should I say whoever he was doing the sex unlike us did an whole 69. Sex that udes to be fun, sweet, sexy, long, and craving turned into sweaty, hot, rough, quick, nightmares of disgust. Not only was the sex the problem the whole relationship change but none of it ws good. When he cheated he was so obvious but I never made it a big issue cause I was scared at the time. Not only did this boy direspect me but he hit me and abused me in more ways than one. But I did my dirt too. I just never got caught cause I am a real bitch to just tell him. But when the first relationship was over I found out that he had HIV and that he had gave it to me but that first girl he gave it to is his babymama but she is also the one he keeps running back to. So time went by slowly after our break then we got back together and this time it didnt even last 2 weeks but just like always in the beginning the sex is the bomb but I knew it had changed so I left again and you can guess who ran to again. So there we were a month ago trying to work it out once more but it didnt last. We are all in love. But he is confused about who really loves him because she doesnt have to really love you because she is your baby’s mama. But to wrap this up I feel obligated to run back to him whenever he calls because I refused to go thru this alone. Its not right for someone to love you and hurt you and then dismiss you. I am going to get revenge on him and her but I left out alot of details but they will both pay for ruining my life and I am absolutely positive about that………. HIV positive to be exact…….

Cost of Liberty

In the Constitution, “We the People” is where this all starts,
what’s written on paper, is not written in some of the people’s hearts,
a recent tour reminded me that some would not agree,
That our constitution should begin with the word We,

Some thought it should be Us, and They, the determining factor being race
Separated by ethnicity, or color of skin on your face
And with this segregation there were differences in civil rights
Unequal opportunities between black people and white

From schoolrooms to lunchrooms, libraries and more,
Like riding a city bus, or visiting a local clothing store
Some had to enter the rear of a store, just to order a meal
Or sit on the back of the bus, this became a very big deal,
Because it just wasn’t fair to be treated in such a way,
Since to ride the bus, or eat a meal, the same price all would pay,

In the military, all men could fight, for our country all men could serve,
For some to return home oppressed with boundaries, and treatment they didn’t deserve,

To have the right to vote, a test was given to people of a certain class
with cunning questions they could never answer, most of them did not pass
One question was “How many bubbles are there in a bar of soap?
Or “How many feathers are on a chicken?” People had given up hope

In the 50′s a civil right movement would begin
since life for certain races was very difficult back then
This movement was not just for colored people, but for all
And for all citizens races and creeds many have taken a fall

In this movement, Peace and Unity was the weapon of choice,
With marches, protests and singing songs with a loud voice,
“We shall overcome” you’d hear ringing across the land
A sea of people, black and white marching hand and hand,

Freedom Riders volunteered to ride buses from state to state
And were met by violence and mayhem, and people filled with hate
Boycotters stopped riding local buses, until they were treated fair
By walking for many miles or carpools they would share
In restaurants where seating and foundains were reserved,
Sit In’s were the protest, jail time was the dish served,

Physical and verbal abuse they endured for the rights we have today,
By turning the other cheek, they’d continue to walk and pray
Many were imprisoned and beaten in jail; some lives were even lost
But the movement kept on moving, regardless of the cost,

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., Medgar Evers, killed for standing for many rights
Even white activits were killed for not giving up for the fight
Viola Liuzzo, Rev. James Reeb, and other heroes of that time
Racism was an epidemic with flaws, for some were color blind

There are countless names of those who have lost their lives for this cause,
That all men are created equal, and can now walk and stand tall,
So I’m reminded today, the opportunities we have were not free,
But it cost the lives of many to secure our Blessings of Liberty.

Now 50 years later, in our country and the world, problems still exist,
But many things we have overcome without a gun or a fist
Peace and Unity can conquer any battle you may ever face,
Regardless of your background, religion, creed or even race,
The right to vote, a good education, the sky is the limit for you,
The world is yours so grab and take hold, whatever you desire to do.

R.I.P 2546

Two Thousand Five Hundred Forty-Six
Loved Ones…

Fighting against terrorism
Fighting against weapons of mass destruction
Fighting to help the people of Iraq gain a democracy
Fighting to help the people of Iraq gain a democracy
Fighting to help the people of Iraq gain a democracy

He started out wanting Osama,
but hunted Saddam.

He said we were fighting terrorism in Afghanistan
Avenging 911,
Yet we end up changing Iraq’s political status?

Claimed Iraq had treacherous weapons…
didn’t find any.
North Korea stands on the sidelines waving red flags,
Showcasing their arms.
Loud and clear.

Two Thousand Five Hundred Forty-Six.
Loved Ones…

Said they could come home in 3 months
Said they could come home in 6 months
Said they could come home in a year
Don’t know when they’re coming home
Don’t know when they’re coming home
Don’t know when they’re coming home

Husbands and Wives pray day and night for the safe return of their other half.
Mothers bringin in babies alone cause daddy’s not home.
Kids go months missin a parent
and parents missin their day to day activities
Both havin to substitute kisses and hugs
For letters, pictures and brief phone calls…
That unfortunately sometimes come an unexpected stop.

We invade other countries over reasons unclear
Guiding individuals a world away to a freedom that most don’t embrace,
While hurricanes and floods smother our states
And sista’s and brotha’s in our back yard,
Imprisoned by nature’s fury,
Plead help for 5 hellish days and nights.

Two Thousand Five Hundred Forty-Six
Loved Ones…

They fought in a war that many don’t understand,
They fought in a war that many disagree with,
They fought in a war that has no certain outcome or ending.
Loyally sacrificing their lives on our behalf,
Sadly caught up in a catch-22.

Two Thousand Five Hundred Forty-Six
Loved Ones…
U.S. Casualties as of July 6th, 2006
Thank them,
Remember them,
Honor them.


Think you know…

We are always quick to say what we know we’d do if a particular situation were to occur,
But what happens when it happens?
Do you stick to your preliminary plan?
Think twice and take an unexpected route?
Until you come face to face with the situation,
You don’t know what will be your action.
Until you experience the encounter,
You’ll never know for sure.


Women Have Needs

Finally, an answer to an age-old question…
What does a woman really need from a man?
Dedicated to those who just don’t understand.

A woman needs a man
To hold her in his arms,
Whisper words of affection,
Shield her from the storm.
And if her world should crumble,
He’ll be the foundation still standing,
Leading her, and yet sometimes willing to follow,
Confident, yet not demanding.

A woman needs a man
Not a boy in diguise.
Opening the doors before her,
Treating her as his prize.
And if he sees that somethings wrong,
He’ll step up to make it right.
Penetrating her mind throughout the day,
Her soul and body throughout the night.