Untitled Love

As I watch her in my deep silence I find peace in her presence because little does she know I understand her soul, spirit, her very essence.
So I sit and watch her for weeks and weeks. Would I speak! Would she speak! As I keep watching it seems to be even more to her that the naked eye can’t see. So I become curious of her thoughts and emotions, even more what beings storms to her ocean.
And suddenly she speaks and her conversation embraces my tears, her thoughts calm my fears and her ideas of life chases away demons that have haunted me for years. And suddenly she begins to walk in my dreams and fall asleep in my thoughts. How is she getting to me is the answer I’ve sought.
But the angels tell me to celebrate her entrance into my life, so I constantly think about this new found woman late at night. Our conversations are stimulating and when we talk it feel as if our souls are mating. So we talk and I search her eyes for all the truth and if she tells I promise it will stay between me and you. The beauty that she possesses is one never to be known this is the type of woman I would love to bring home.

When Souls Exchange Vows

As she walks towards me with such grace I never thought we would make it to this day. Because today you give me life and love and in exchange I do the same, the heavens open and the promise of a future is given. We engage in the eternal kiss as our soul’s exchange the emotions long over due as my heart opens and you see the man that you have grown to love over time so this day art thin.

Now all is quite and you hear my voice as I send melodies to your essence. Oh my love, take me away on a cloud of affection too the place where the color of innocence clam our thoughts, where time doesn’t stand, and the pace of our hearts dictate the future. As we walk in the garden of divine companionship your eyes speak and your thoughts look deep into me and my scares of past disappear in the light of your wings that protect me. Now I see you are an angel.

So here I am walking blindly into this place and find you crying for me, I take your tears and put them in a bottle and my guardian angel carries them away. Desires are meet and we walk down the tunnel into an abyss of commitment.

Unchained Thoughts

Always a dream never could it be you are not here with me. So I blink my eyes to refocus so tragic now I feel hopeless.
My heart now devoured by sorrow it can no longer beat now I roam boundless to nothing to explore the possibilities, I feel like everyone is against me.
Mother-less since birth I truly believe my life isn’t worth; the time, day, or the words anyone may dare to say.
So unfair is what I think, but without me I’m alone pass grown, still no home, but you will never find me, “always alone.”
Why shed tears if know one cares? Only for me my solitude nothing could ever compare.
Could I dash in time to see what is ahead, disillusions cloud my visions. Where is the promise you made?
Everything is broken instead: heart, soul, spirit, and mind.
Could time stand still but I still have a future, but the past doesn’t exist could I make it and not have to wish?
My roots from the gutter, how long will I suffer I speak for the others the heartless men we have created and still we don’t look at each other.

Love Withdrawls

ur touch sends a jolt thru my bones
yur laff
ur smile
ur style
drives my heart wild
ur wrds get me high
ur luv is a drug
takin me higher
lik a sereinge in my arm
n nw dat u aint here u gt me goin thru withdrawls.
gt me feelin confused lonely and lost.
where am i posed 2 go 4 my high
when u cutt off my supply.
hw do u expect me 2 get thru dese luv withdrawls
i aint ready 2 giv up wat we had
n i refuse 2 go 2 rehab
i wanna overdose on u
wat im tryna say
is dat i need anotha hit of u

I shed tears

I shed a tear because
Your not here.

I shed a tear because
I know your happy up there.

I shed a tear because
My heart is so full of fear.

I shed a tear because
I know your watching over me
And I shouldn’t feel fear.

I shed a tear because
I miss you so much.

I shed a tear because
I love you.

I shed these tears
For reasons unclear.

Because I can feel your presence
Your right here .

Wiping away these tears.

Black Hearted Plague

I tore my heart open
Let you inside
Like a tic
You sucked and sucked
Got what you wanted
And left my heart for dead
Lifeless as a sunflower picked to early
Lonely as the single rose that grows in the concrete
Blackened by your sweet nothings
You left me lifeless, alone, and darkened
But I rose
I returned
Cold hearted
No longer in love
But in lust, hatred, despair
No feelings
No emotions left for my heart to bear
Cold and empty
My heart
A black hole
An endless pit of loveless ness
No light no escape
I love as you did
They give me love
No love returned
I suck them dry
Till their heart like mine
Cold and lonely surely dies
Their heart to rises from the dead
And thus this begin the spread of the black hearted plague
Soon it will reach you
Your heart, your soul, your body
Black, cold and lifeless
Darker than the darkest dark
More sorrowful than the greatest sorrow
It eats at you
Until you cant sleep breathe or eat
Without me
Till the thought of me haunts you
Makes you want me
This loveless love
This unattainable love
This cold hearted and darkened love
I hope the black heart plague
Makes you as miserable as its made me
Makes you go through every season less season
Sunless day
And restless night
Ive suffered through
I hope the dark cloud of the plague follows you from day to day
Until you no longer remember sunlight
Until the plague makes a field of daisies
As cold and lonely as a cemetery
Until it finally runs you to a corner loathing, rotting, molding
All the while knowing
You did this to yourself
When you left my heart broken, scarred, and wide open
You beg please, please, please
But, you caused this disease
Now you reap the consequences
The revenge of a woman scorned
By her fury feel her wrath
As the black hearted plague eats at you slowly
Forcing you to go through your days cold and lonely
Your heart frozen over dead
From the dark and deadly plague

Jazz Stanzas

Jazz Stanzas

The wolves may huff and puff
but they ain’t got nothing on
apple sized cheeks
that blew sounds just as sweet
as the juice.

It don’t mean a thing
if you don’t take the A train
and hear the lady from baltimore
with the sanitizing stench of bleach on her
from scrubbing those damn white steps.
From lady’s maid to lady day
from the whorehouse to
covering the waterfront
until finally
it was heroin, not her man
that had lady singing the blues.

A trumpeter walks in front of a horse
leading a perennial procession for you.
That’s the image that comes to mind
when I think of you.
Your smile derided.
Your character declared a caricature
but Ghana loved you.
You were pops to the world.

In a mining township
a hundred miles from Johannesburg
exposed to jazz, traditional music
and apartheid
a horn player was growing up.
In a jim-crow dominated township
it was designed to be impossible
to graze in the grass
but somehow
you did.

And now, it is said
we don’t love the music.
Our faces are not in the audiences
of those who carry it on.
Our dollars aren’t spent on it.
We have allowed it to leave
and because of that
it no longer belongs to us.

But this is simply not true.

© 2004 Tichaona Chinyelu

I Can’t Understand

sometimes i feel like a bird as my mind drifts away not understanding why i must feel this way

on certain days i dream thoughts that seem to have a unsteady flow waitin an watchin as my dreams make a show

still i cant understand why must i love somthin thats hurts so much an even though they hurt me i long for their touch

true love is what wise men say but i am only a fool a love that is so deep i am afraid to say its true

my mind makes circles as i walk along the path holdin my shadows hand as love takes its wrath

i been through it all had love an felt it but why must i let go of somethin of somethin i never dealt with

i cant understand sometimes why i go through the things i go through trials an tribulations faith is a must i must do

i am scared of of the battle of life movin on after they’re gone livin in the past as i try to write along

a life without love is somethin i cant understand but why must i fight love as it takes me by the hand

why must i feel this way an ask dumb questions calling upon the lord repentin an askin for a blessin

i feel like a book that is missing upon a shelf maybe i do understand but i just cant understand myself

i love to lust but why not love to love for the person i play with is the one who acts as a dove

i mean that person is beautiful to me in every aspect of life thats makes me understand why a man proposes to his wife

sometimes i do feel as a bird as i flyin along the sea drifting with the drifters floating among the trees

i do understand but maybe i dont a life so simple but quit i wont

all the times i was wrong i felt i was right but when i thought back it was u that changed my life

to be honest i dont understand what i go through maybe we go through it all sometimes we rise as sun sets then we fall

a life of ups an downs is what we may have but jesus paid the cost of dyin because he cared

i think thats my problem i care too much so sometimes i understand why we must live an let go

so i will live life let go an live in my dreams holdin on to wat may last only for me

even at times a boy dreams to be a man but at the same time somethin so simple i cant understand

i cant understand why must i love what i cant see but maybe thats the reason why love runs away from me


u kno love is a great thing to experience well even when u r down, and even in the toughtest times love can turn a frown upside down
love can help a person change 4rm a boy to a man, love can exchange feelings like no one else can
but now adays it seems as if love has gone forever an just left, as if its here one day the next day gone like “death”
an if u feel that love isnt there well it could be around the way, maybe u just havent seen it approach r come your way
but i tell u that love cannot make or change a fate, for even if u do help someone they still might show hate
and if they do show hate to u well love them for some ironic reason, because for every person u help always comes the right season
but even with a season love can spread joy, to a friend u love like a girl r a boy
but as for me love is just a white beautiful dove, makin u closer with the one above
an by the one above i mean the one whos there,the one who we as humans look up to for care
and also i tell u to care is to like, cuz if u care for someone u see good with them in your life
and to my brothers love her and show care, beacuse no matter wat u say you would be hurt if she wasnt there
and treat her right dont hit her in the face, kiss her on the lips hold her and touch the right place
an to my sistas treat him right and love your man, beacuse you to would be hurt to see him hold someone elses hand
“And To Those That I Dont Kno But Hope To See, I Tell You To Love And That Love Will Set You Free”

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A True Love

i remember a long time…well about 3 weeks ago, i was talkin to a gurl but feelings wouldnt show…so i guess u can say that a nigga cant flow cuz she in the front of the line and im in the back row.DAM I HATE THAT why u gotta call her a hoe…now she startin to cry tears of a slide-show. man…i just hope an pray…that maybe one day in her heart could i lay. an what makes it bad please let me say…the gurl im talkin bout been feelin her since the 9th grade. AND its real bad cuz she bout to graduate but b 4 i let go no she cant slip away. and to be honest
its seems my heart is tryin to fight those three L words LOVE LUST and LIKE

i mean i cant believe i said it…wait what is goin on, dam now its 2 gurls as i write along the poem. one about to graduate an plus another gurl just came in plus another i had my eyes on since grade 10. but ever since this year i dont kno what could have changed, i just wanna be with her but my shyness is to blame. its like when i see her all i can do is greet her…give her a hug an pray that she has the same feelings. i mean all of this is nice but i must say im still dreamin…waitin and watching, prayin and thinkin. Hopin one day all of my feelins inside i can take out of a bottle an no longer hide. and yes i cried, an u do 2 but the tear that i shed is because im not with u.

and even tho it sounds good im speakin from the heart an its kinda hard to say but thats love 4rm the start. from ur head to ur toe to ur beautiful brown eyes no one can compare to a perfect surprise…but u are more than that…a gift i wish to keep you’re a star in the sky whose eyes i look to weep. if i could hold u just one and only one time i would treat u as sumthin special therfore meaning u are mine. but i keep sayin if why not when i hold u because the more that i delay the feelings i cant show u

now i think that im in love but…im in love with like, i think thats right its just its hard to decide. who am i to choose because i hope u are my bride to have an to hold an to keep u by my side. i want u to kno that no matter where u go i will always be here no matter if feelings dont show.