What A Dream

i’ve heard wise men say when a dove cries somebody is in pain, i cannot say i saw that but i saw beautiful get put to shame.

i saw it with my own 2 eyes you should have seen them, see the problem with her boyfriend is that everyone he didnt know wanted to be him.

see he had 2 characters in which in showed at school, one mr allstar an 2 well heres the news.

see his gurlfriend ol beautiful he used to beat her real well, an then we would ask her wats wrong she’d say i slipped and i fell.

im thinkin to myself now this just cant be real, so i had to ask her again she just said the bruise didnt heal.

so i took it i accepted it although i knew she was wrong, for in that same day which he beat her she got a call on the cell phone.

so while he is yelling and screaming she still manages to talk along, until a voice cried out an said your mother is on her way home.

an after her boyfriend calmed down she is saying what do you mean, an the voice returns softly an says this is how it seems.

see your mother got into accident in which her brain is still dead, now the gurl heard what she said so she is tryin to lay her head

and while her boyfriend should hold her in his arms he yells instead,she says please quit i thought you loved me he says i never did

see i have a full scholarship and i really dont need you, she is saying please dont say that you dont know what i been through.

see ive let you hit me and hurt me an you say that you care,he says shut up your nothing without me just a dark girl with hair.

but as soon as she talks again he slaps her to the floor,he kicks her and kicks her then walks out the door

and now she’s throwing up because in her stomach is a boy, a gift to the world in which he just destroyed

an now she is calling everyone but everyone is too busy to talk, she tried to call her call one of her friends but even they had to walk

so she got in touch with her sister an said please hear me out, her sister said im sorry baby but im about to go out.

she tried to call everyone but no one seemed to be home, she tried to call me but i forgot my cell phone

so i decided to go over an a chill for a while, but as i approached her apartment my smile turned into a frown

see there were cops cars all around with a body on the ground, an see on the face was a bruise in which someone crowned

i didnt know it yet but my friend was dying before my eyes, see when he kicked her in her stomach poisons from her abdomen burst inside

now everyone wants to talk to her but her lips are closed shut, but see when she tried to talk to us no one could stay in touch

an we dont know her story because we never tried to listen, we always moved her out the way an didnt seem to pay attention

but see me i saw her pain an stuggle an as strange as it seems, i saw her own death but what im writing is a dream

see her boyfriend was 21 an she lost her virginity at 13, but what im tryin to figure out is why is this happening to me

see out of all the people in the world GOD gave me this vision, now im tryin to figure out why is my sister the main character of my premoniton

an im only tellin you this so here’s advice now listen,before you mistreat your girl understand her condition

because in the end you never kno what you could be missing, an you could have saved one life if you took one chance and listened

but see i have to go now because this a matter at hand, but before i finish this hear me out and understand

see there never was time where boy didnt become man, and if you dont understand im saying for your girl spare the hand

because even if you hurt her she still took you in, an you still yelled an yelled to your hearts content

an you have to remember this is only a dream, but now that you know go and do the right thing

but i have to go now so here is my last words, LIVE LOVE AND CHERISH EVERYTHING YOU HAVE HEARD

because if this happens you are a whitness to my verbs, but let me leave you in peace for my sister i have to take care of

live love and cherish

Personal Passion


poetry and photography
are lovers
they share the same imaginative
and body space
said to be worth a thousand words
well written, felt in the heart
they can be gazed upon for centuries
sampled and forged
recited in infinitum
analyzed criticized and even burned
those that escape censorship
bridge the divide between canvas and calligraphy
dispensing with margins
and discarding frames
are treasured from the heart
as something new

(c) Jesse Sharpe 2006


man i keep on askin but she wont givin
she the one i htink im made 4 but she wont let me in her life
all the stuuf i go thru is strife
but i still wont give until she says yes
i wont dare say this but i wanna b her man
she still doesnt say yesi try the best ican
when will she say yes

my love her love

It got me screamin the girl i got i bad 4
shes the one that gives me the key so i can open the doorthe one that is on my state of mind
lik a hustler addicted 2 his grind
she does everything that makes me read between the lines
more than ever she got me over my head lik the fray
im just happy 2 kno she aint gay
My life on the line 4 hers i woud lay
the on i would love 2 my hair turns gray
she makes me dance dance lik fall out boy
im just glad 2 know im her boi
ppl say im 2 young 4 it we for it
well if u dont lik than respect it
but u constantly reject it
becuz we both select it
my love her love dont ever misconcept it

I Got A Man

At the bar having a drink minding my own business… This guy walks up to me trying to get his rap on…Says that he could take care of me…so I nicely told him no the fuck he couldn’t…and I was not impressed I got a man and he gives me nothing but the best…He says with a mouth like yours all you given him is hell… your mouth is too slick if I was you man I would fix it…so I said, why do you want me to shut up when I speak my mind…why would you want me broken with my head bowed down to the ground. Men like you want to dominate and destroy the spirit of a woman and I will not endure you trying to feed me your negative energy. Men like you say you want a strong independent woman but you don’t… you want us five steps behind not side by side…you want us to know our place to be seen and not heard….men like you feel insecure because we can handle our own…you see we are not trying to out do you…we are here to support you, boo. So while you trying to Mack with your wedding band take that shit somewhere else cause like I told you I GOT A MAN!!!!

A Simple Prayer

Dear Lord,
Thank you for this day that you
have given me. I know that it is only beacuse of
Your grace and Your mercy that I am here. So
Lord give me strength on this day. Strength to know thy name,
to seek thy face, to know thy ways. Give me the
courage to go forward allowing me to have peace and serenity.
I ask for wisdom and knowledge to understand Your purpose
for my life. I know with you all things are possilbe.
In the name of Jesus. AMEN


Why define me when only can define me?… You see, I came in this world in alone and I going to leave the same…So don’t try to compare me to nothing because I’m more than my name or my man for that fact…I’m not even the hopes and dreams of my mother because I’m much bigger than that… You may think I’m bragging or boasting… No baby, I’m just confident in knowing that when I was created God broke the molding!

Ole Bessie


I stole a dirt bike and somebody told pop-pop damn!!!! He don’t play that shit he’s a mean old man. He made me pick out my own switch just to beat my ass with it. At first I bought him this little limb and the way he looked at me I knew I was really going to get it then. He went to the trunk of his car and pulled out Ole Bessie. I immediately started to cry. I could of shitted on myself, DAMN…DAMN… DAMN…WHY!!! You see Ole Bessie was this belt about a inch thick with holes that ran down the middle of it. The belt buckle I think was made of lead and when he hit you with it that was your ass. Pop-Pop walked over with Ole Bessie in hand and started to talk to me… he said, “Why did you take that bike it didn’t belong to you. You know better boy what has gotten into you.” I was scared as hell the tears were streaming down my face and snot running out my nose. I opened my mouth hoping to say something intelligent and all that came out was “they gave it to me.” Boy here come Ole Bessie flying from the sky… wham, on my legs wham on my back wham, wham, wham on my butt. Ole Bessie was coming from all directions and pop-pop never broke a sweat. He gave me about 10 more hits but it seemed like he was beating my ass for about 20 more minutes. When he got done my ass my arms my legs my back shit my legs and my back had so many whelps for a minute I thought I was a run-away slave. The ass whooping I got that day should go down in history. Pop-Pop taught me a lesson about stealing never again did I take something that didn’t belong to me. Now I have a son of my own and I tell him the story of what happened to me that day. Hoping he stays on the right path. Because what he don’t know is that I inherited Ole Bessie.