Patience is a virtue,its been years since I’ve been hurt by you

I promised I’d never let you do this again

For the last year I pretended to be a ladies man

In and out of different spreads unconcerned with the diseases that could spread

My way of fighting the reapor was to not feel at all

Affraid of drowning so I sit on the edge in spite of it all

It still adds no light to my long and lonely nights shared with dreams of finding my wife 

Silent Cries, That Now I Hear So Clear

What happens when you ignore a woman’s silent cries?
Tears asking for more, that simply go unheard,
Covering with lies to disguise the truth a man can not accept 
Regrets, these things follow us so long 
Well after the person has left and gone 
And a man is left staring at the door, wondering 
I don’t know what it was, 
I could blame it on a thousand things 
But I just wasn’t listening 
With all the clutter of the real world I couldn’t avoid 
I just couldn’t hear her 
Too much noise in the background 
I know there was a void and I tried to cover substance with empty promises 
Thinking it could be traded and compensated 
Thinking I could return again later 
Making good on all that I swore I would 
But sometimes, for all the promises, the realities are just not enough 
And you are left, wondering 
You are left wishing 
That that front door would just open,
That you’d hear the key crackling 
And life would be the same again 
In your heart, you know that this time would be different 
That you’d make enough time, more than enough, 
For every five minutes she needed to confide in you, 
You’d give her an hour 
For every moment she wanted to be next to you, 
You’d give her a night full 
For every time she wanted to see a movie ,
You’d give her a production 
For every song she wanted to hear, 
You’d choreograph a symphony 
For every time she missed you, 
You’d be there 
Could she have really found love,
in the arms of another?
Time ticks
Wishes becoming silent tears
Memories become silent hauntings
Thoughts becoming silent fears
Feelings becoming silent wantings
The clock does tick,
And regrets, they follow us so long
Well after she has left
Well after she has moved on
With tears now running down a my closed eyes
I hear a key, finally crackling in the door