Tin woman, why do you kiss me back?

Why do you kiss me back?
Sista, you can’t give me what I need
Instead you only provide me with signs I misread to be something more
But instead of green lights to go forward
They are just misguided detours
Sex with you is a weapon
Leaving my chest open with a heart still beating
Seething for you
Searing like the steaming hot love scene we embraced
Dripping love oil from my lips to my face
Hot bodies gliding, releasing inward frustrations
It was needed, but only because I was convenient
A fool to your love, a toy for your baby boy
You played me, used me, and abused me
But why
For every tear that came to your eyes
I resigned to be your handkerchief
A Kleenex, a shoulder to brace your neck
For all that others did to you, I tried to mend
A light unreal lover and a deep true friend
Like a night without stars you could see clear through me
And all I wanted to do was be with you through the twilight
At night, drive to be by your side when you would arise from any nightmare
Just to be there
To put you on my back and carry you over hot sand
To pyramid castles, this man would build, just so you could touch the sky
To prove it was not a lie
So you could find something to equal your beauty
How could you do this to me?
In the presence of darkness you forgot how to love
But still want to be loved, hugged, and kissed
And with your lips, you turn Judas
And kiss me back, but like a tin machine you are empty inside
My queen somehow at some point was left by the way side
Like the Tin Man leaving Oz, you are left without a heart
So you can’t give me what I need
And I don’t need to misread your motives
And you don’t need to misread mine
The light has finally turned green for me to go
And you are left behind