I Dare You…

This brown eyed, golden skinned beauty sits on a train
Watching the world fly by through her window seat
A knowing smirk appears on her face as if to say she knows the world’s secret
A man sits on the train wanting and waiting for something, anything to happen
Watching the people the train passes by and smiles slightly at the rushing and pushing to go where they need to go
The man turns his head slowly; he sees her sitting there in all her glory new and shiny
She feels someone is watching her as she is watching the world
She turns
He watches
She meets his eyes
Contact has been made
He looks away quickly
She continues meet his gaze
He sneaks a look, still looking
And then she smiles full and wide as if to say “gotcha”
But she continues to look thinking what the hell he is kind of cute
He has built his courage and begins to meet her gaze again
They looked in a stare the train and people the world passing them by
She stares, one eyebrow arched and forming a smirk once again
She stares saying “Challenge”, “I dare you”
I dare you to look at me
See inside to my soul
I dare you to see me for what I am
Tell me what I need
Show me what I want
I dare you to make me smile
Wide, then wider
I dare you to hold me till I cry and then no more
I dare you to want me
Need me
I dare you
I dare you to love me
I dare you
And with one look he says “I dare you to let me”