Nonsense Makes Sense

We tango sambo
Manifesting delicious
Delinquency to the tune
Of tito
Ditto machito & his afro-cubans
Plantation palpitations
Bandana fandango
Somber sambo
Santeria celia
Cruz middle passage
Memorizing meringue
Sherbro sho bro
Talk that talk
Tantalize romanticize
Defecate delinquencies
Until p diddy’s umbrella
Is eunichized

Colonial Colón
Original origami
Paper tigers like Swans, geishas, Gertrude
& Virginia
Shakespeare’s sister
In a room of her own
But I’da b well damned
If that be my destiny.

Isis Osiris
Sister brother
Wife husband
ashes spread across seven skies
And I, sis, come looking
Reunification rectification
Holy wholeness
Can’t flub it
Or fuck with it
Untouchable like beloved
Whole womb
Embraces total nut
And it’s on
Like donkey kong
Or king kong.
who ain’t got nuttin on me
Cept extended stomach
Moon round
Full and fecund
Digging the ground
For roots
Sooty black foots my only carriage
But divorce not marriage
That be how I do it do i
While you try to woo it
only to end up rueing it
behind some foolish shit

but that ain’t the end
as I extend into tomorrow
no sorrow
as I search the world round
for the proper noun
to give my seed

P.A.C vs my history
sobukwe no way
Dahomey da homey
Africa to america
Da homey
Get it on, Gat it on
get get gone
only grass seen
prison lawn

don 3 of 4
1st sankara
2nd kono
And yeah, fauna
Has his name
Nowhere near lame

And I reclaim my fame
Signing my true name
I, Sis, You, Bro, San, Son
Isis Osiris and Horus
True trinity.

©2006 Tichaona M. Chinyelu

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Tichaona Bright, Assertive, Caring, Semi-Unreconstructed The sister of Ifeoma Lover of Sankara Kono, natural Afrakan aesthetics and free-forming Who feels like a woman scorned (hell hath no fury) when it comes to colonialism, delight in being Earth born, and trepidation at thoughts of my son's future Who needs water like its lifeblood, comradely behavior and reciprocity; Who fears dying a stranger in a strange land, the death of revolutionary Afrakan culture and paper tigers who think they're the real thing Who gives wholehearted affection to those I love, a damn and the barrel of my pen Who would like to change the meek of the Earth into the conscious inheritors/caretakers of the Earth Who hopes that what goes up must come down without destroying the ground I softly tread upon Who lived a sad life until revolutionary winds blew my way Munhamo-Chinyelu

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