A conversation with love

There is a secret I must tell and hopefully you’ll not come
away from my little truth with fear

For as long as I could remember I have wanted you
I’d see you in the park, outside my car window as I ride by
wishing it were me with you.

I heard stories of you and your adventures the romance you bring
with you. Flowers, kiss expression crossing the lips

whispers of your exploits dance fancifully in my head thinking I wish
it was me.

also did I hear the terror you can bring the pain the heart break.

but for one taste of you I would take all I could take

Then one day you walk into my life like the wind breezing through an open window
I did not know you by your face but I felt you just the same

like a tap on the shoulder from a long lost friend
like the sun slowly rising over the mountains as if not to startle anyone
like the moon brightening the night sky

you were these things to me
in my mind the words, “can I worship you”, played over and over again
my body said make me yours

and I also remember the hurt because “I cried yesterday” when you left
the pain and heartbreak Id heard about was very present
and as heavy as stone tied to ones neck in a lake of water
sinking fast I thought what we had would last

But no we did do something more we came to an understanding that you would always be you that you will never change but for me things never stay the same

We agreed to part ways separating our things walked away with smiles on our mouths and tears our eyes

we said we’d remain friends but we lost contact in the end

Until one day I saw you with her and remember wishing it was me and thinking what happen to the “we” we used to be

that day you saw me too
so now we have this affair that no on knows about
it so wonderful now that instead of telling everyone or getting found out
we go this route

Me sitting here telling how I feel telling you have nothing to fear
when I’m the one who is really scared
like the first day I met you the first time I heard your name
the first time you danced with me in the rain

now that I have said all have it only now that I feel worthy to speak your name


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