A Lifetime, A Reason, or A Season

I once read a book that said the people you come across throughout your life fall into three categories:
A lifetime,
A Reason,
A Season.

Someone with only a reason for being in your life
Is there to provide you with guidance or support,
Help you physically,
or spiritally.
Or show you how to appreciate life
And what
Or who
You have in it.
When their time with you is over,
They’ll continue on their way.
Time with you was meant to be brief,
There’s nothing you can do or say.

A seasonal being is there to teach you an important lesson,
About yourself
Or about life.
They can bring you joy
Or pain,
And an experience you’ve yet to encounter before them.
But just as life begins to bud on trees in Springtime,
And vibrantly swaying in the midst of the warm breeze of Summer,
Then fading slowing in beauty while dangling in the Fall,
And and finally dying off in Winter
The person ends their time with you,
Sometimes without notice or reason.
Ending your relationship forever,
Because they were only there for a season.

Lifetime people teach lifetime lessons
Throughout your time on earth.
These are people that you love
Who you try trust
And who you accept,
Flaws and all.

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