A World Apart

Things never change!
Life is a unsolvable obstacle course, trapped inside a mind, a body and an unreasonable world.
Unimaginable pain & suffering that can only be felt by it’s own victims, but not noticed by it’s only confidants.
Collapsed voices that cant be heard, gestures that can’t be seen, and crys that can’t be understood.
Thoughts cluttered with the mirrored images of a soul that is lost in his own path, and the destruction of his unexplainable choices.
The glimmer all gone and only the black rust remains over a already tarnished being, rapidly disamating and slipping through the hands like dry sand on a windy day.
The heat to much bear, and the cold an unstoppable force that seems to be all that is comforting.
Walking on a thin line of razor blades, with only alcohol to clense the painful flesh.
The aroma of heartache overtakes the sweet smell of desire, and overpowers the innocence of life.
With heartbeats shorter and breaths gasping fiendin for relief no where in sight.
Lifeless and motionless standing in the middle of a battlefield with a war going on inside, destroying and gaining control of an unexpected infantry.
The impact of silent wounds causing chaos and havoc with outburst that leak through the pores like deadly gases and cause mental explosions simular to sonic booms.
Eyes wide shut that can only be open like Venician blinds, but closed like scars under surgical repair.
Concieving motives to break out of the wrath of an inferior society where pain is love, but love is pain and the passion for an answer cant be accomplished because it trapped in a safe yet to be discovered.
It’s a different world where everyone comes from.
No laughter, no joy, no rejoice.
Only painful realities, misguided dreams and blisters from the everlasting struggle that will continue until the hurt stops and the emotional sighs of relief eclipse the excrutiating terror of living in a world with no progress of change that is recognizable in this lifetime!

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