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There are many types of abuse
Physical, Psychological, Emotional…
What makes people do this to others,
usually the very people they should love they hurt…
Control.. that’s their desire control..

Tell me what the F#$% makes a man
Look at his 5 yr old baby
And lusts after her..
” Come show daddy how u love him”
Why can’t he go get a woman his age to satisfy him?
He can’t control the women out there
But he can controll that little girl..
Why don’t he see he’s killing her
Making her something she cannot be…

Tell me
What makes a 73 year old grandfather
Have intercourse with a 3 month baby?
That sick bastard should be shot…
Let me shoot him..please
Control…He can barely control himself
so he wants to control the innocent….
Damn him straight to hell….

What makes a woman stay with a man
Who beats her
So she can’t walk for days
She thinks she loves him, thinks he will change…
ButSh*T… that man is stuck in his ways
He will never love her..
And she may die at his hands…

What makes a woman stay with her boyfriend
And Put her daughter out of the home
Becasue the man rape the girl continuously
till she carries his child…
So what if he puts food on the table…
Sister you are worth so much more than food and a few $
love yourself and your child…
YOU help make her what she will be
Cause when she needed u
Where you be?

What makes a woman
abandon her newborn baby
By a river
Becasue it was a girl or she did not want the child…
Damn you.. so many people try so hard for kids and cant get that joy
And you selfish B!*ch you give that up
Everybody already know you was pregnant
So fool why try to hide it!
Take the baby to an orphanage..
to a hospital.. somethin..

what makes a father beat his child to death
What makes a mother starve her children
or one particular child..
So what if the grades dropped
That is the way of a F@#$ing child…
He’ll get better with love not if he’s dead

What makes a friend betray his friend
For material things
A girl,
A job…
You throw a 20 year friendship away because of that?
You stupid…

Society is in a mess..
It’s up to us to fix it
Change what happens to our generation and after
Love yourself and your children..
Love unconditionally

I can go on and on..
Some of you heard stories
We cant live our lives like this
Just as how Judas betrayed Jesus..
We as society are betraying our world, our children, our souls..
To the devil
For what…
30 years of sexual bliss, financial gain..
Not me…
But we all need to chip in
we need to work together to save our world…
So help me….

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