As I Ponder the Depths of MY Soul

by- slikasista –

As I Ponder the depths of my soul I feel a sense of longing.
Why am I at a loss for answers?
This longing is so foreign to me.
I feel so isolated from the very essence of me.
I wake in the morn restless and confused.
Did my dreams not give me the clues to the answers I so desperately needed?
Or were the nightmares so ghastly that I dare not probe?
As I ponder the depths of my soul.
In search of the true meaning of me.
I am so afraid to unlock Pandoras Box.
The things that are so securely locked away,
may be hidden in the dark abyss of my mind with just cause.
As I Ponder the depths of my soul.
Will I fear the true meaning of me?

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