Razor Sharp

Ma’s soul is callused
self esteem bruised
and heart numbed
from the constant carvings
by Daddy’s razor tongue

He sharpened it nightly
and soaked it in alcohol
sliced open deep wounds
that left mental scars

From what I’ve witnessed
words hurt more than fists
His swing was a mighty one
His words never missed

I don’t think he realized
just how much pain he caused
I don’t think he ever cared
He just wanted to control her
with angry words
and threatening stares

I don’t know
what he said last night
but that fight
really pissed Ma off
This morning
Daddy woke up
with a gun in his mouth
and Ma blew his tongue right off

copyright Berthony Poux

Soul Mates

When I’m in your spot and I ask you
“What’s my name?”
It’s not to see if I got you hot
It’s not to brag, It`s not to boast
It’s just quite simply that I forgot

I need you to remind me
Who am I? Who are you?
And how did we ever survive apart?
Right now we feel so connected
Like the blood that races through my veins
was pumped from your heart

We got a love that even time can’t test
Yes, this is that kind of love that lasts
Your eyes are windows to my future
that look with understanding on my past

From the beginning of existence
our souls were bound
Each lifetime Fate’s persistence
made sure true love was found
Each time that I’m born,
I’m lacking something
And each lifetime
you are exactly what I need
You are the wind in my sails
You are the air that I breathe
You are my sun
that burns away the clouds of loneliness
Allowing me to see love clearly
Each lifetime our souls reunite stronger
Causing me to love you more dearly

But if I leave you tomorrow
Don’t let sorrow consume your heart
By definition Soul Mates can never truly be apart
Look in the mirror…I’m there
See me in your eyes
Live with me in your heart
Until we meet again….next lifetime

copyright 2001 Berthony Poux