Invisible Fight

You press me against
the wall
your nails sink deep into
my chest
my neck

Your hands around my
holding me
choking me
I struggle to breath
as I feel myself
Losin this battle

I cough,I scream
You apologize
Maybe next time
I won’t make it back

Everyday this
invisible fight,
Ignored by some
but seen by many,
continued without
But I live in denial
as I go through this

My love,My heart,
Why do you hurt me so?
Maybe,I think as
I settle into darkness,
its just my time to go.

Tell Me

Tell me that
you were
worth it
Tell me you
were worth
the tears
the night sweats
the fears
Tell me you
worth it

Tell me
you put me
was worth
the love you
gave me
Tell me
that in your
heart I
was your

Tell me that
I wasn’t loyal
for nothing
Tell me that I
was wrong to
ever doubt you
Tell me everything
that I can’t
tell myself
LIE to me

Tell me you were
worth it