Patience is a virtue,its been years since I’ve been hurt by you

I promised I’d never let you do this again

For the last year I pretended to be a ladies man

In and out of different spreads unconcerned with the diseases that could spread

My way of fighting the reapor was to not feel at all

Affraid of drowning so I sit on the edge in spite of it all

It still adds no light to my long and lonely nights shared with dreams of finding my wife 

Our Responsibility

to be free was the dream he had
everyday he stood he would let the words lash
“free at last ,thank god almighty free at last”
well that was the past now his words seem to have run out of gas
instead of rejoicing this heros stance,we take it for granted just like class
no more great speeches being chanted
cuz weve already inherited or status
but when will the next step be made
more power,more knowledge ,more black
in the schools thats where its at
yes we’ve made it to the big leagues
all over the tube makin them more bread
until you hit a stump you think they’ll help you up
what did you espect,just take this in perspective
skills diminish with time while the mind grows wiser
which would you rather have?