A thought came to me…
These words you read
Are not poetry
Just my narration
Of the things
That I feel, think, experience, believe, and see
A glimpse into the womb of my mind
Where ideas aren’t always conceived immaculately
Because influence comes in many forms constantly
Both internally and externally
But I share with you my mentality
As I remove my mask and strip naked
And allow you to see ME
The pen acting as midwife
In my attempt to birth and give life to my thoughts
And make them reality
Living and breathing
Constantly growing and changing
Going through phases
Just as you and me
Because in all actuality
Life is truly the poetry
In motion
Perpetuated by forces
Seen and “unseen”
Heard and “unheard”
Felt and “not felt”
New lines and concepts
Are added continuously
As life changes constantly
and Shaping
And at times I am struck
With moments of clarity
Like the thought that
I am you
And you are me
Everything is connected to everything
So we are we
A patchwork quilt
Made with different swatches of fabric
Of many different colors, patterns, and textures
That look nice individually
But sewn together
Create a work of art
That was crafted beautifully
And masterfully
See, life is about connection
Of all things
From mental
To physical
To spiritual
The trinity of life
That exists in and around us
But is often ignored
Because somewhere between
Our inception and conception
We lost our sense of connectivity
Walking around
In the ambiguity of individuality
Assuming that it is all about us personally
Never stopping to notice
The cause and effect
Or the cause and affect
That links us all non-physically
Yet we exchange vibes and energy
Sometimes purposefully
Sometimes inadvertently
Our eyes are wide shut usually
Often too disconnected from self
To appreciated the exchange
And the connection to our surroundings
But for a moment and all of a sudden
I was wide awake
And I saw the world differently
So I fight sleep mentally
Staying conscious
By attempting to wake you
And make you think
Provoking and evoking enlightenment
So that you can join me
Because from where I stand
It can get lonely
So I share myself with you
So you can get to know me
And connect.

J.B. ©2006