A Conversation With God

I had a talk with God the other day
GOD: He told me, if you know what’s good you’ll change your ways
ME: But everything I do is not the right thing
GOD: That’s because you haven’t yet accepted the things that life may bring
ME: But just think, what people will say if they know what’s on my heart
GOD: But child, I created you, you’re my work of art
I made you to have a strong soul no matter what you go through
And yet you continue to take actions that satisfy people and never you
ME: So how come everything is the wrong thing to do
GOD: That’s easy he says, try this, live your life being true
ME: What about the experiences and tribulations that burden me
The troubles flow down, they never seem to cease
GOD: My child, trust in me, I’ll never steer you wrong
Follow your true feelings and it will be easier to move along
ME: Okay lord, I believe you with everything in me
Take control of me, lift me high where I long to be
I have accepted what I could never help
I won’t mind what others say, I love myself
Let’s see where this leads me in this cold cruel world
Thank you for this talk, I no longer feel like a lost little girl


When I argue and yell at the top of my lungs so loud
It’s because I’m so angry inside from not making you proud
When I shed tears that seemingly keep falling
It’s because I’m so down I’m no longer walking but crawling
When I rock back and forth and shake tremendously
It’s because the nightmares from my past haunt me endlessly
When I smile from ear to ear and seem full of love
It’s only because I’m thankful for another day from the man up above
When I shut down and lie about the things I used to do
It’s because you’ll judge me if you know what’s really true
But when I think about one day… I never want to lose you
What would I have, who would I turn to
My life would end, there’s no need to pretend
Mommy don’t go, you’re my only true friend

Maybe If

Maybe if you made things more, clear I wouldn’t ask questions
If you spoke up more, I wouldn’t make so many suggestions
If you tried a little harder, I wouldn’t push you
If you encouraged me more, going forward wouldn’t be an issue
If you reached out to me more, I wouldn’t have to dive in
Maybe we can start all over again…
Maybe if I shut up sometimes, I’d hear you
And yeah, I shouldn’t get upset at a lot of the things you do
If I wasn’t so paranoid and so insecure
We’d definetly learn to love each other even more
If I checked my own attitude over and over again
We would only have arguments every now and then
But for right now, I want to know you won’t break my heart
Maybe if I stopped thinking that this, realtionship could start