As long as I can remember

As long as I can remember
you always been
the cinomin brown short round lady
with a swanky walk and a sweeky talk

As long as I can remember
coming through the door throwing my school bag on the floor
picking up the phone in due time
the number that reamains in my head
even though I know you are dead

As long as I can remember
you were everything and knew everything
you told me that I could be anything
you knew when enough is enough
you were there when times were tough
you was the superglue that kept us together
you made things much more than better

As long I can remember
every weekend was at grandma and grandads
it was just last night I was snuggled between you two in bed
even though I couldn’t move a inch a whole night though
I had the best dreams ever that is true

As long as I can remember
every sunday after church
we were all in the kitchen cooking, cutting, slicing, dicing, rolling, mixing, stirring and shaking
sneaking a piece so you wouldn’t catch me taking

I remember
As I got older, things got rougher
you got sicker and it bacame tougher
The day you went in I just knew you be Ok
you’ll be back in a few days and everything will be the same
sunday was going to be my day to visit
but I was just a day to late
August 15,1998
was the day I thought I would never see
dead is what I thought you would never be

As long as I can remember
you were my light in the dark
you were my Dr. Phill when I needed to talk
you helped me crawl… so now i can walk