Alone but NOT Lonely

The thought of us together
Used to send me thoughts of pleasure
I’d give anything to trust you again
But you’ve committed the unforgivable sin

I’m sorry baby what more can I say
We both know you fucked up in a major way
The love we shared, you’ve definately killed
Don’t worry my heart was very quickly healed

You say you’re no longer interested in other women
And that if I forgive you, you’ll never do it again
I know you’ve said it over and over
It only happened because you weren’t sober

You said I was the only one who owned your heart
I remember when I thought that we’d never part
You say you still haven’t found a better lover
Maybe it’s because you’re supposed to suffer

And that you wish you hadn’t put our love to the test
Because now you’ve realized now that I was the best
You say you know better now,
And you ask if I can tell
But all I want to say “Go Directly to Hell!”

You say it’s gettin’ harder for you just livin’
But you dont need to wonder if you will ever be forgiven?
The answer is no! I just can’t let that happen
So all I can do is suggest you keep on steppin’.

Juaneka Gore…Poetic_Soul


MY MAN loves me…
So you can sit over there and glare at us out of all your jealousy
Look at you showing off your womanly parts and whispering your snide remarks in our direction.
I know its only because you envy the fact that I’m getting MY MANs affection.

You wish that me and you could switch shoes so he could knock yo boots?(HA!) Not even for a day!
Don’t let the classy exterior fool you girl I will NEVER let it go down that way!
I couldn’t care less about y’all’s past or what you and him might have had.
Because thats old news, it aint happening girl! Its over and done like a passing fad…

I hear ya talking, telling ya friends how you thought he just gave you the eye.
But he sitting here with me , with his had on my knee, maybe you should ask yourself why.
Please believe, if he wanted to leave, I love him but I’m not making him stay.
Yet and still, he’s all in my grill, committed to me day by day.

Maybe its because I do what it takes to KEEP MY MAN happy.
And guess what, it don’t take much, why? Because, MY MAN loves ME.

Juaneka Gore…Poetic_Soul


Love is really a vain word
It gets more power and praise than it deserves
When really its responsible for the hurt and pain people often feel
And sometimes that pain takes people years to heal

Really love is very inconsiderate
You tell yourself you dont want to feel it
But here it comes to impose on your heart
Like its a bulls eye in a good game of darts

Love really doesnt take the time to think
It bonds two people who really shouldnt be linked
People who dont have a single thing in common
Love has bruised the pride and dignity of too many men and women

Love is a strong word
It makes people say things that should never be heard
But to tell the truth I really love love.
I guess this proves what I was saying in the stanzas above
Because what would the world be without love?
This selfish, glory stealing word is a beautiful as a white dove.

Juaneka Gore…Poetic_Soul


Exaggerated claims of things to be ashamed
Just to follow the crowd, instead of speaking the truth aloud
To want to feel accepted in this world is just expected
Of me, you, and everyone whose flaws and faults weigh a ton.

Low self-esteem is really a common thing
Although people these days try to act unfazed
Deep down inside always trying to hide
Their true feelings and pains, which never get them any gains

Thats why I say without a doubt, we should shout it out
Let the world know who we really are even if we arent up to par
With the expectations of our current generations
Because nine times out of ten these are the feelings of many other men.

Juaneka Gore…Poetic_Soul

Too Late

You had me so confused
Had me asking questions I already knew the answers to like
Does he love me?
How will I feel?
Is he worth it?
Are some of the questions you had me asking myself.
You had me wondering if I should put you before my physical, mental, and emotional health.

I’ve been told about dudes like you
You know, dudes who only see you as somebody to do it to.
You had me disrespecting my moms
Had me arguing with her for only pointing out the truth
Even my friends saw right through you
But I refused to listen you had me acting so uncouth.

It was as if I had been placed under a spell
You could do no wrong as far as I could tell.
In such a short time you had captivated me.
Im just a little upset it took me so long to see.

I finally got the answers to those questions
No, he didnt love me,
Horrible is how I would feel,
And, Hell naw, he aint worth it!
It took me about a minute to get those answers.
Too bad that minute didnt come until the morning after

by Juaneka Gore…Poetic_Soul