The response

sex…cant be described in words
because its a feeling
like Marvin Gaye sang
my body needs that sexual healing
without being touched with hands
still magnolia
for every question
“it’s” the response
sweat dripping with juices only our bodies can produce
the good, bad, and ugly
displayed in every moan and every motion
“its” the response
if the best is saved for last
then my last is all gone
because sex turns to making love
and making love becomes my bodies new home
“its” no longer my response
but a statement


like a bird that flies
through the light blue skies
i feel free
like the sun that shines
and gold tucked away in mines
i feel free to be me
like sand on the beach
a soft blanket to the land
i feel free to be me because i can
like the moon at night
the worlds flashlight
i feel free to be me because i can, a beautiful sight
like a cool breeze
through the expanded leaves
of the wonderous oak trees
i feel free to be me because i can, a beautiful sight, touching all that have been blessed in my presence.



i love to love me
because the sway in my hips
the pucker and dip
of my lusciuos lips
the strength of my grip
i never let go
of the beauty i KNOW i hold
never ashamed of growing old
simply because i have a body
made of diamonds and gold
let the truth be told
im proud of the golden brown skin
falling gracefully over a thin
yet perfect structure
meant for me to respect
and for others to admire
and desire
this sensational creative mind
i will love to love me till the end of time

*shye 146*


who knew we weren’t written in the stars
the dark skies love child left bewildered and abandoned
fighting temptations yet giving in
the deepest innocence traded for sin
keeping enemies closer than kin
crying desperation for acceptance of self expression
never being undastood becomes anotha life lesson
afraid of the future but accepting its blessin
using creativity of the mind to replace tha pain thats physical
only thing left is whats sentimental
treasurin the past like its something we need to cling to
bowin our heads and speakin to the man who really knows you
hearts that are dark screaming for skies that are light blue
send me sign better yet tell me the truth
a voice unheard with a body beggin to sing
remember the black athem and let freedom ring


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