Untitled Love

As I watch her in my deep silence I find peace in her presence because little does she know I understand her soul, spirit, her very essence.
So I sit and watch her for weeks and weeks. Would I speak! Would she speak! As I keep watching it seems to be even more to her that the naked eye can’t see. So I become curious of her thoughts and emotions, even more what beings storms to her ocean.
And suddenly she speaks and her conversation embraces my tears, her thoughts calm my fears and her ideas of life chases away demons that have haunted me for years. And suddenly she begins to walk in my dreams and fall asleep in my thoughts. How is she getting to me is the answer I’ve sought.
But the angels tell me to celebrate her entrance into my life, so I constantly think about this new found woman late at night. Our conversations are stimulating and when we talk it feel as if our souls are mating. So we talk and I search her eyes for all the truth and if she tells I promise it will stay between me and you. The beauty that she possesses is one never to be known this is the type of woman I would love to bring home.

When Souls Exchange Vows

As she walks towards me with such grace I never thought we would make it to this day. Because today you give me life and love and in exchange I do the same, the heavens open and the promise of a future is given. We engage in the eternal kiss as our soul’s exchange the emotions long over due as my heart opens and you see the man that you have grown to love over time so this day art thin.

Now all is quite and you hear my voice as I send melodies to your essence. Oh my love, take me away on a cloud of affection too the place where the color of innocence clam our thoughts, where time doesn’t stand, and the pace of our hearts dictate the future. As we walk in the garden of divine companionship your eyes speak and your thoughts look deep into me and my scares of past disappear in the light of your wings that protect me. Now I see you are an angel.

So here I am walking blindly into this place and find you crying for me, I take your tears and put them in a bottle and my guardian angel carries them away. Desires are meet and we walk down the tunnel into an abyss of commitment.

Unchained Thoughts

Always a dream never could it be you are not here with me. So I blink my eyes to refocus so tragic now I feel hopeless.
My heart now devoured by sorrow it can no longer beat now I roam boundless to nothing to explore the possibilities, I feel like everyone is against me.
Mother-less since birth I truly believe my life isn’t worth; the time, day, or the words anyone may dare to say.
So unfair is what I think, but without me I’m alone pass grown, still no home, but you will never find me, “always alone.”
Why shed tears if know one cares? Only for me my solitude nothing could ever compare.
Could I dash in time to see what is ahead, disillusions cloud my visions. Where is the promise you made?
Everything is broken instead: heart, soul, spirit, and mind.
Could time stand still but I still have a future, but the past doesn’t exist could I make it and not have to wish?
My roots from the gutter, how long will I suffer I speak for the others the heartless men we have created and still we don’t look at each other.