The reason my tears fall

The reason why my tears fall is because of you
All this pain you taken me through
They fall when I think of you and that chick
Cause you know nobody can love you like I did not even that BITCH
Tears fall when you dont call to check on me every night
I know you miss me right
My tears fall when you act like you dont even care
This is why my tears falls and this aint even fair


The Baddest D.V.I.A In The World

I am a brown skin chick
And all the guys say I’m thick
5’2 cute as i wanna be nobody cant top dis
When i walk through the crew you just cant miss
Im the “DIVA” didnt you get the clue
If you had me for a girl you wouldnt know what to do
My sisters might look at you like you a fool
Everyone knows THE DIVAs number one rule
“All DIVAs get the money cause mama didnt rasie no fool”

My life…

You may think my life is all goodie goodie and fun
But my life ….(HA) its like a child in a burning down home
Smoke head to toe fighting its way into her lungs
Thick black fog is all you see not knowing where you going to be
Calling out to her mom and dad the smoke tasting like a gallon of gas
Hearing them calling back but she focus on the chemicals and smell
Then all of sudden their call get dell
Now the questions is “will I have to make it out on my own
Or will I need someone to help me carry on”
But den in yet she make it out on her own sweating head to toe and all alone
This is my me a scared and lonely girl