Black Hearted Plague

I tore my heart open
Let you inside
Like a tic
You sucked and sucked
Got what you wanted
And left my heart for dead
Lifeless as a sunflower picked to early
Lonely as the single rose that grows in the concrete
Blackened by your sweet nothings
You left me lifeless, alone, and darkened
But I rose
I returned
Cold hearted
No longer in love
But in lust, hatred, despair
No feelings
No emotions left for my heart to bear
Cold and empty
My heart
A black hole
An endless pit of loveless ness
No light no escape
I love as you did
They give me love
No love returned
I suck them dry
Till their heart like mine
Cold and lonely surely dies
Their heart to rises from the dead
And thus this begin the spread of the black hearted plague
Soon it will reach you
Your heart, your soul, your body
Black, cold and lifeless
Darker than the darkest dark
More sorrowful than the greatest sorrow
It eats at you
Until you cant sleep breathe or eat
Without me
Till the thought of me haunts you
Makes you want me
This loveless love
This unattainable love
This cold hearted and darkened love
I hope the black heart plague
Makes you as miserable as its made me
Makes you go through every season less season
Sunless day
And restless night
Ive suffered through
I hope the dark cloud of the plague follows you from day to day
Until you no longer remember sunlight
Until the plague makes a field of daisies
As cold and lonely as a cemetery
Until it finally runs you to a corner loathing, rotting, molding
All the while knowing
You did this to yourself
When you left my heart broken, scarred, and wide open
You beg please, please, please
But, you caused this disease
Now you reap the consequences
The revenge of a woman scorned
By her fury feel her wrath
As the black hearted plague eats at you slowly
Forcing you to go through your days cold and lonely
Your heart frozen over dead
From the dark and deadly plague

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