Out on the plains I caress you in my hand deserted by the feeling of sadness
Mesmerized by the look of you I know what I must do
In a sense of longing I hold you close once more vowing never to forget each drop of lustful entity
A tear sheers down my face in hopes like I to escape the torture of regret
But yet
This is the road I must follow

In my mind I recite the last moments we captured in our world
The burn of passion that slid down my throat as I embraced you
Trying to control the beat of each sway of my hips
I stood there and sipped
Never letting go of the taste of the desire that once filled me in those fanatic nights
I loose emotion and my thoughts slip away just like the day of you and I
I cry
Once more I yearn for another chance but no this is the path I deny

In three I hold you high so that the gods above can touch you with ease
Covering you with the golden allure of purity
Two I stretch you out in front of me measuring the distance between us
Which by the way is reason to believe we are here
Now one just one last time I wrap you around me breathing out the fear of my choice
Never will I endure such pain like the one set upon me now
Released into the air a breeze of closure pushes me aside
I hide
For I know I want to catch you one last time

The clock passes and the plains call once again
A wind like no other drifts towards the free
Squinting I see
You’ve comeback to me
Like the boomerang you were set out be.

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