black_paradise – mekalical@hotmail.com

There are many types of abuse
Physical, Psychological, Emotional…
What makes people do this to others,
usually the very people they should love they hurt…
Control.. that’s their desire control..

Tell me what the F#$% makes a man
Look at his 5 yr old baby
And lusts after her..
” Come show daddy how u love him”
Why can’t he go get a woman his age to satisfy him?
He can’t control the women out there
But he can controll that little girl..
Why don’t he see he’s killing her
Making her something she cannot be…

Tell me
What makes a 73 year old grandfather
Have intercourse with a 3 month baby?
That sick bastard should be shot…
Let me shoot him..please
Control…He can barely control himself
so he wants to control the innocent….
Damn him straight to hell….

What makes a woman stay with a man
Who beats her
So she can’t walk for days
She thinks she loves him, thinks he will change…
ButSh*T… that man is stuck in his ways
He will never love her..
And she may die at his hands…

What makes a woman stay with her boyfriend
And Put her daughter out of the home
Becasue the man rape the girl continuously
till she carries his child…
So what if he puts food on the table…
Sister you are worth so much more than food and a few $
love yourself and your child…
YOU help make her what she will be
Cause when she needed u
Where you be?

What makes a woman
abandon her newborn baby
By a river
Becasue it was a girl or she did not want the child…
Damn you.. so many people try so hard for kids and cant get that joy
And you selfish B!*ch you give that up
Everybody already know you was pregnant
So fool why try to hide it!
Take the baby to an orphanage..
to a hospital.. somethin..

what makes a father beat his child to death
What makes a mother starve her children
or one particular child..
So what if the grades dropped
That is the way of a F@#$ing child…
He’ll get better with love not if he’s dead

What makes a friend betray his friend
For material things
A girl,
A job…
You throw a 20 year friendship away because of that?
You stupid…

Society is in a mess..
It’s up to us to fix it
Change what happens to our generation and after
Love yourself and your children..
Love unconditionally

I can go on and on..
Some of you heard stories
We cant live our lives like this
Just as how Judas betrayed Jesus..
We as society are betraying our world, our children, our souls..
To the devil
For what…
30 years of sexual bliss, financial gain..
Not me…
But we all need to chip in
we need to work together to save our world…
So help me….


chococalypso – chococalypso@yahoo.com

Some people are hard-headed but all heads can be bust.
You should have learned that lesson well when he misused your trust.
Who was there to help you heal every time he blacked your eye?
Who was there to offer a shoulder when all you wanted to do was cry?
Who was there to apply band-aids and peroxide to your wounds?
Who was there beside your hospital bed to shower you with flowers and balloons?
Who was there to spend the night when you were afraid to go home alone?
Who was there to comfort you until you fell asleep on the telephone?
Who was there that day you had to testify against him in court?
Who was there not judging you but just offering love and support?
It was me, your girlfriend, I have always been by your side.
So I can’t for the life of me understand why you just up and lied.
Were you jealous of my relationship with the man I plan to marry?
Or is it really that misery loves company and if so well that’s just scary!
Really it was plain unfair of you to try to take my happiness away.
What on earth did I do to you to make you act this way?
Then for you to claim that I had wanted to be raped!?
Saying such a thing as that lets me know this friendship was a mistake!
And you of all people, who have been through a whole slew of abuse!
Girl you were gang-banged twice by more than 7 dudes!
So why you would take an awful thing like that and throw it in my face?
I won’t even try to explain it but your life is a total disgrace.
You sit amongst your cackling hens of friends who talk about you behind your back.
Even through the worst of your drama I have never acted like that.
Then you told my man that our baby may not even be his!
Girl I can’t believe you, what kind of shit is this?!
I’m not worried because I still have my man’s trust despite what you said.
But you better stay far away or it’ll be me at your apartment waiting to bust your head.

Niquenya Fulbright

My Story

sex appeal – www.lilkim20152002@yahoo.com

My story is no different.
It might be similar to yours.
I was in love with a man who said he loved me but his
true love was hitting on me.
I am the kind of woman who loves tough & sometimes refuse
to give up on love.

My story is deep.
It might hurt you in ways you wouldn’t believe.
I was there for this man through everything.
I was there for this man when he felt like he was nothing
& I was determined to make him feel like something.

My story cuts deeper than you could ever imagine.
It might scare you & you might have the need to ask questions.
One day he got mad at me & slapped me across the face.
He’d take his pocket knife & cut me deep in the waist.
There was pain but nothing would convince me to leave & I had a motive.
The evidence was there in my face & on my body.

My story would shock you.
It might even make you cry.
Two years & too many tears.
I’d sit and look outside my window & wonder how could I get
free & then I’d freeze because I know he wouldn’t let me.
He would refuse my request to leave and even if I got away he would go
on a rampage to find me.

My story started to hurt me even more.
It might help an abusee to get away from there abuser.
I finally decided to leave this man I was in love with who abused me deeply.
He abuse me in so many ways.
I waited until he was sleep & made my getaway & never returned.
He searced for me & I was no where to be found.
I moved to Paris to start a new & better life.

My story is now history.
My story was January 1998.
In 1999 I started off with a clean slate.
Take my advice don’t the abuser because the person your
hurting the most is you.


gotbeatzzz – jazzyjeff@tmail.com

Did you know?
Did you know the kind of man I would become,
When you hit Mom, when you hit me?

Did you think?
Did you think about the scars deep in my soul
That were left to fester for all time with your words?

Did you care?
Did you care if I passed the hate to your grandchild?
To your Daughter-in-Law? To the rest of the world?

Well I did.
And although it was the hardest fight of my life.
I never became like you. Hated like you. Hit like you.

Well I did.
And am putting a smile on your grandson’s face everyday.
Working my plan for a happy family.

Yes, you changed.
Yes, you stopped everything, became a man.
Bacame the husband and father you should have been.

But I always wondered.
Did you think? Care? Know?
Or like water under the bridge, let it all go.

I guess I will go to my grave wondering.
Since you arrived there first.
No matter what though you were my Father and I always loved you.

Jeff G

Letter to the President

Sincere – ZionizLife@netscape.net

Dear Mr. PRESident,

I think its funny how you use Americans as test dummies, sticking our noses in the business of other countries. You see the lives lost overseas its the same way everyday, you bumping up gas prices then maybe you should up our pay. Because I think that’s its past due for you to reconcile the truth amongst (y)our country’s people, you stand against homosexuality in the military while sending toy solders to play casualties, now which murder is legal? Now do you want war or do you want peace in the streets,give me a job or I’ll continue selling dope to make ends meet. You say that there is a war on drugs but can you stop the one that’s in our schools, because if you think an assault rifle can’t be sneaked in class then you’re a damn fool. You only come around when you need the votes for another election, I hear the people talk, drop out for your own protection. This world was not created so that you could pose our country as being a major threat, now you got men running around dancing with bombs strapped to their chest. The REVOLUTION is here and I need no man to lead me, because I read the book on SUICIDE by Huey P. Newton’s apple bump me on the head with a question to ask, but I knew the answer,”they stay behind their desk to save their own ass.” And what’s the deal, I heard that you might be cutting out income tax, we work hard as is, how about cutting Equifax. The issues aren’t hard to understand if just listen to what the people want, better pay attention before Kerry gets elected and you don’t. I’m tired of all this bullshit that YOU got stated, it sickens me to the core as if ten chickens farted. Is there, no there is a better re-solution to what’s going on, this day was prophisized leaving Jesus right and you completely wrong. Then you f**ked me up by saying that the economy is better because you, oh yeah, the unemployment rate has just went up again so thank you. The stock market is just the opposite of those statistics, some go up but mostly down, now who’s being optimistic. Just leave well enough alone then you wouldn’t be getting all these complaints left on your phone. I’m just saying what many are afraid to say so will you turn the lights on and lead a better way. Because if you can’t get this mess together here and overseas, then the people and I think its’ best you leave.

Your Biggest Fan,

p.s. Tell your people to find Bin Laden before he finds us again!

Another day

Shirra – kaneese2002@yahoo.com

Another day has gone by
And I’m here sitting here wondering why
Why my daddy couldn’t be a father
Instead he left the responsibility on my brother
And he’s only five years older than me
How could this had come to be
Another day has gone by
And I’m sitting here wondering why
Why my mother’s husband
Refused to become a man
Leaving her with three children to raise alone
While he sat in the living room stoned
Another day has gone by
And I’m sitting here wondering why
Why some men can’t seem to take responsibility
And why some can’t seem to face reality
Another day has gone by
And I’m sitting here wondering why
Why some men can’t seem to do right
As they are always taking flight
And leaving the scene of the crime
And leaving mothers and babies behind
Another day has gone by
And I’m sitting here wondering why
Why my father, my mother’s husband
Refused to grow up and become a man
He was quick to throw a punch and black an eye
And then become even angrier to see 4 people cry
Another day has gone by
And I’m sitting here wondering why
Why my father threw a hammer at my head
Was he really wishing I would become dead?
But some way, somehow it missed me
Obviously it wasn’t really meant to be
Another day has gone by
And I’m sitting here wondering why
Why daddy lie when he said he loved me
Come on now, how stupid could I really be
After momma packed us up, we left that night
And it finally our time to get up and take flight
She moved us to what seemed to be another world
It was then I was finally able to be a little girl
Another day has gone by
And I’m sitting here wondering why
Why my momma had to be the man
But you know what, I finally understand
So while my daddy is sitting up in jail
The four of us has yet to fail
And at the age of twenty three
I’m doing good at making my dreams reality
Another day has gone by
And I’m no longer sitting here wondering why
So for now, I bid you all a temporary good bye
Because I right now, I’m finally able to fly.

The Pain in My Sorrow

by- mika5180 – mika5180@yahoo.com
I received a phone call
My cousin said he was on his way,
I had no idea
That my life was going to change that day.

There was a knock at the door
It was too soon for him to be there,
When I opened the door
My mouth dropped and I started to stare.

You came into my house
Unannounced and uninvited,
You got mad because I was frightened
You got mad because I was not excited.

You forced me into a bad position
Ripped out my very soul,
I was ashamed to reveal it to anyone
A life altering experience I would have to hold.

I tried so hard to fight you off
You threw me down and climbed on top,
The pressure from your body was overwhelming
I told you that I could not breathe and you still would not stop.

What did I do to deserve this?
Is there anyone out there that can dry my tears?
Take away my sorrow and my sadness?
Take away my doubts and my fears?

I have had to be strong and bear this
I have tried to hide this from myself,
But I have to tell somebody
To prevent this from happening to someone else.

He was a friend, nothing serious
He wanted more, I was not impressed,
He made that obvious to me
When he sat down on my chest.

I never told him where I lived
We only talked on the telephone,
He started acting somewhat strange
So I asked him to just leave me alone.

I have learned that you cannot trust everyone
That smiles in your face,
This man has stolen a part of me and
Taken me to a different place.

I thought that I could put this past me
By not allowing it to exist in my mind,
I can normally handle anything
I thought that it would get better with time.

Nobody really knows
Nobody fully understands my pain,
When they think that my smile means that I am happy
I am just trying hard to hide my pain.

It is somewhat hard to swallow
When you hear this coming from me,
I am always happy and cheerful
So my pain is quite hard to see.

I have always asked myself
Was I supposed to be the one?
I cannot dwell on this because
The damage has already been done.

You are probably wondering why I am writing this
It is because I want you to know,
That in my sorrow there is always tomorrow
Behind the clouds of night, there is always a glow.

I am keeping my head held high
Not allowing anyone to steal my peace,
Pain is in the past
My sorrow I will release.

I have so much to live for
So much to look forward to,
I just had to let you know
So that you would know what to do.

Be safe and protect yourself
Do not trust everyone that smiles in your face,
Cause the person that I trusted
Left a lasting impression that cannot be erased.

The Thief

by – mika5180 – mika5180@yahoo.com

Who do you think you are?
You, who has taken
Apart of me that I can never get back.
You were robbing me and
Because I didn’t give in like you wanted
You say that I did not know how to act.
You pushed me down and hurt my back,
You got mad when I tried to fight back.
You were robbing me and
You say that I was wrong because
You got hurt when I kneed you in the groin.
You have no idea what hurt is.
That pain that you felt for fifteen minutes
Is nothing compared to the pain
That I endure every day of my life.
No matter how much joy and happiness
That God blesses me with
I cannot stop thinking about the pain.
I am not one to complain
But it is hard for me to regain
The inner happiness that I once possessed
Before you robbed me of my joy.


by- shisgirl – kyragreen@comcast.net







Written by- Della – jkxw04@yahoo.com

Red is the color i see, when i think of you
the pain you caused me, pain i must let no one see
This was no pose to happen to me,you took what was not your’s
but what was mines to kept, then you say it’s ok that u rape me
Now I have nightmares the ones i can’t even shake when i’m awake the
way you hit me in the face, pulled me by my hair, the way i try to make it to the door,but you grapped me and made me come back, from their you turn in an animal,notthe boy i once new, the one that was so sweet , i was glad i had as a friend, but someone that did the unthinkable. Tears in my eyes a you riped my insides, from the back the front you didn’t care,down on my knees you made me go,and from their I closed my eyes and gave up the fight, it seem as if hours had past, i feel you in, out and every were, i feel so sick, i feel so alone, so hurt, so much pain. Then you stop, came out of me, i got my thangs and ran for the door finally breaking free never to look back, 3month later, it’s a baby i see, as the doctor points out it’s a girl i see, Oh no the only thing i think. ABORT is the only way, so thats what i must do,and
did, Now i sit and cry wishings i could die.