I thought what we had was real
NO ONE can explain the feelings that I feel
I was kiSSed
and DISmiissed
How can what i thought was love lead to this?
Baby my love was true
I never knew that hurt and pain’s defifition would be you.
And you say you was hurt 2?
I’m not as stupid as you think.
Did you ever think of me?
while u were out doin wat u do best?
Jumping into your ex’s bed?
I REALIZED I was too good for you.
Even though love tried to stop me,
I REALIZED I had to go.
I REALIZED we were through.

Ménage a Trois

Man: It was evil.
Woman: It was insidious.

Man/Woman (together): We each thought it was the other until it spoke to us
in our own voices and then we knew we had a vampire.

It flew at us like the past, made a mockery of the future we

Man: Had me thinking she wasn’t the sky I flew in.

Woman: Had me thinking he wasn’t the rock I stood on.

Man/Woman (together): Had us thinking we were each other’s enemy.

Man: Loaded and cocked. My words were fists.

Woman: Stealth bomber. Appeared out of nowhere. Disappeared into pain.

Man: I lost my job.

Woman: I got a promotion.

Man: Attitude problems. I spoke a black man’s language.

Woman: There’s a time and a place. Mouths to feed.

Man/Woman: That’s when it bit.

Man: Damn mosquitoes…

Woman: …sucking our blood.

Man: I slapped at them.

Woman: I sprayed repellant.

Man/Woman: But it wasn’t mosquitoes. Our blood was being drained.

Vampire: The blood was rich. Full of love and life. They had no right to it.
I made it mine. Became big and strong. Starting eyeing the children.
Classic albatross.

Man/Woman: We stood looking at the couple in the mirror.

Woman: Lean.

Man: Fighting lean.

Man: Fuck this shit.

Woman: My name’s not Kendra.

Man: You love me?

Woman: I love you.

Man: You ready?

Woman: I’m ready.


I compel you to love your country.

To draw her into your arms ever so tenderly,
To embrace her softly, dearly to your heart,
To huddle close, near together her masses,
And sense her least sustained yearning.

I compel you to love your country.

A nation that lifted the breast of humanity
Caressing it tenderly toward equality’s rapture
With gentle fingers of selfless, searing desire
Exploring over her ever toward paradise.

I compel you to love your country.

Freedom lovers damp in stiff-limbed writhing
Stumbling kisses upon red-barreled bravery,
Softly probing her robust and supple liberty,
Heed now her cries of woeful sovereignty!

I compel you to love your country.

Between her Trail of Tears and Mount Misery
She still waits upon the coupled plains of affection
Ready for our design and mastery of this worlds love
Panting heavy expectation upon her shape.

I compel you to love your country.

Perched upon the shore of Rolles Creek she waits
With Mount Pleasant in reach of her willing fingers.
With expectant sounds of closure now within her folds
She lunges forth with an expectant mouth!

I compel you to love your country.

O! Gentle sleep now beckons to her languid pink flesh
As the rogues tongue laps at her ebbing shores of joy
And beckons her let go of her valuable love’s embrace
Lunging forth behind her eager lips!

She counters not… for she is the boiling hunger we seek.

What a devoted worship we’ve had with the motherland.
Many a great poet has written their songs upon her flesh;
Their bright and shimmering waters lapping her shores
In ardent freedom’s want of hopes howling, dripping heat.

I compel you to love the world!

On this day of days let us remember her youthful glow,
Her ripe fruit of wonder, her drowsy ache of emancipation,
Her most alluring burnish upon our exploring of her skin.
(The burden of immense throbbing now falls upon her heart!)

I compel you to love the world!

America, carry your waves to all shores. Hope, not savagery,
In your goodness, not in impudent desire to control destiny.
Leave not the naked child, but your desire alone on the road.
Shelter not your intentions, but those most needful and hungry.

I compel you to love the world!

We have been witness to our dove, crippled and flailing in terror!
We’ve been onlookers to our expectations emerging fruitless.
Watching unmoved while our oily desire bleeds into the waters
And the cold white eyes of death tread progressively before us.

I compel you to love the world!

Come now, peace. Come now, warriors, lay down your guns
To witness the beauty at your hands as she lays down your sword
And with dripping red lips envelops your craving to possess her.
Do you not hear the night voices calling you with an angels whisper?

I compel you to love the world!

To open the door and step out into the bright sun, desire can wait.
Take notice of the many tender, breathing, soul-caked living.
Gaze upon the world’s most unbendable faith in humanity.
Gently touch her skin, delicately massage her furious soil.

I compel you to love the world!

Enter her sculpting space and weave a covering made of lifeless war.
Paint upon her face a gentle art made of your temples sweat.
Scribe a love song upon her back with the eagle’s most willing blood.
Erect in her a tower of light for all to see that they might weep.

I compel you to love the world!

The masses of age lie here and we should not be so ready to die
Like confused animal’s hooved in selfishness, deficient and artless.
The world is full of freedom lovers damp in stiff-limbed writhing
Stumbling kisses upon red-barreled bravery, tenderly probing liberty.

I compel you to love the world!

Amid her supple lands and majestic mountains she waits our affection,
Ready for our desire and design embracing her most ready warmth
Needing our hot hope upon her shape, wanton as wide-eyed first love.
(Heed now the world’s hot desire for freedom pulling us in.)

With hopeful whisper’s within her waters, she leans forth, expectant.
Copyright © 2006 mrp / thepoetryman


I’ve matured
Naturally, like a breeze
That developed into a strong wind,
And then again,
Into a storm.

Gracefully, like a vision
That developed into an dream,
And then again,
Into inspiration.

Gradually, like a newborn
That developed into a child,
And then after a while,
Into an adult.

With perserverance, humility, and buoyancy,
With experience, devotion, and authority.

Even when times of uncertainty appear,
I’ve gained the essentials in life that have
taught me to stride forward and conquer any new fear.

I’ve grown, I’ve learned, I’ve lived
I’ve Matured.


Upon The Face Of My Father

To the hope of every fatherless son

Eye to eye looking into the eyes
of the eyes that resemble my eyes ,
upon the face that resembles my face .
Face to face trying to trace

through the years that have passed us both by .
I …receive the answers to all of the questions to all of my why’s … I

make the connection that I’ve yearned to connect with
with the father that I …
have never learned of ’til I met with
and I , after all the years of being upset with

I would not this day
for it would only be in the way
if I’d let them
so I’d forget them
to allow us both to get some


uncovering the unfamiliarity’s
discovering that we’ve more than mere similarities
for all the time that was lost could not contest with
what’s yours and mine and what we’ve now been blessed with

putting the past to where it belongs
behind us
and only brought to mind at times
to remind us

that fate is something that is out of our hands
and faith is something that is in our outstretched hands

though praying us both in different ways
be that as it may
we pray
to the same God and master
and after all of these years
both yours and my prayers have been answered

for all the time that it took
never to have to search any further
nor do I have to look any farther
to finally look upon the face of my father

JeRome R. Simms 2006

Someday, Baby

Mama, mama
Will I ever grow up
Like the lady on TV–
She’s strong, proud and tough
Have my opinion respected,
My voice widely heard
You think maybe, just maybe,
“Someday, baby”.

Mama, mam
Will there be a time
When I can open a hospital
And help all humankind
To help all people enjoy life
Whether they have money or not
You think maybe, just maybe,
“Someday, baby.”

Mama, mama
Will there come a day
When I’ll be cloaked all in white
And you’ll give me away
To the man of our dreams
He’ll cherish me so
You think maybe, just maybe.
“Someday, baby.”

Mama, mama
Will I live to see
The day we’ll all be as one
And live in harmony?
Not in fear, but in love
The way God intended
You think maybe, just maybe,
“Someday, baby.”


Today is the day where I shine-hips as wide as gods eyes and lips as sultry as the way the sun may rise-hints the word shine-So today is the day where I shine-Accepting me for me and putting shame behind-Walking through doors and stopping traffic not because of my figure 8 but because the way lights grow brighter when I walk in the place-Smile is flawless leaving them speechless-So like I said today is the day where I shine-From the arch in my back, the sway in my swagger, the rise of my breast-Not cocky, but sure of myself-When I say shine I use it as a simile or metaphor-To shine as bright as the sun or sparkle like a diamond-Be sure of yourself and confidence you will find it-To know who you are and where you are going-To shine on your own and not give yourself to many-That’s where some get it twisted and there mind is sercombe to hindering-Today is the day where I shine and can’t be compared to any-Not making that mistake by saying any and meaning many-My light shines too bright so therefore I can’t have a clone meaning plenty-Today is the day where I shine if you didn’t hear me clearly-Look deep into my eyes confidence you will find in ME!!!!!

By: Brittany”BabyGirl”Phifer

To You Pops

Waking up at night
Without you by my side
A strong, intelligent and beautiful young boy without a father,
Night after night, I’d cry.

I tried not to think about you,
Because I knew one day you’d come for me.
I accomplished so much as a child,
I wish that you could only see.

God created something beautiful September 27, 1962.
A strong, courageous and beautiful woman…my mom,
The substitute for you.

Since you weren’t there,
She took great care of me.
She was my Santa, Tooth Fairy, pride and joy,
Things you could never be.

I’m not waiting for you anymore.
A long time ago that stopped.
You missed out on the best son,
This is to you pops.

The Mirror

When I look in the mirror,
I think of how much of a fool I was.
I deliberately gave you my heart,
Endlessly you took my love for granted just because.

When I look in the mirror,
I visualize all the pain you put me through.
I could’ve had anybody I wanted,
But I rejected them because I was committed to you!

I think of all the things you told me,
And I wonder if any of it was true?
You hurt me so bad.
I wish I could just do the same to you!

I was once told,
That you don’t realize what you have till it’s gone.
I will never come back to you again.
I gave you too many chanced, I’m done!

Looking at such a beautiful person,
Waiting for all this pain to disappear.
I will never again see such a fool,
When I look in the mirror.

Smiling Because of You

Lying in my bed feeling free.
Released from all my pain,
Finally finished loving someone who never loved me.
Still I smile because wisdom is what I’ve gained.

Unconditional love
Transformed into unconditional hatred.
Again, I have to smile,
Because what I have is oh so sacred.

They say what comes around goes around,
And I’m so tired of waiting for it to be your turn.
Never knew I could be the person I was,
So I had to let that burn.

Realizing I can’t just give up on love,
Throw in the towel and be through.
You on the other hand I can.
Thanks, I’m smiling because of you.