Untitled Love

As I watch her in my deep silence I find peace in her presence because little does she know I understand her soul, spirit, her very essence.
So I sit and watch her for weeks and weeks. Would I speak! Would she speak! As I keep watching it seems to be even more to her that the naked eye can’t see. So I become curious of her thoughts and emotions, even more what beings storms to her ocean.
And suddenly she speaks and her conversation embraces my tears, her thoughts calm my fears and her ideas of life chases away demons that have haunted me for years. And suddenly she begins to walk in my dreams and fall asleep in my thoughts. How is she getting to me is the answer I’ve sought.
But the angels tell me to celebrate her entrance into my life, so I constantly think about this new found woman late at night. Our conversations are stimulating and when we talk it feel as if our souls are mating. So we talk and I search her eyes for all the truth and if she tells I promise it will stay between me and you. The beauty that she possesses is one never to be known this is the type of woman I would love to bring home.

Unchained Thoughts

Always a dream never could it be you are not here with me. So I blink my eyes to refocus so tragic now I feel hopeless.
My heart now devoured by sorrow it can no longer beat now I roam boundless to nothing to explore the possibilities, I feel like everyone is against me.
Mother-less since birth I truly believe my life isn’t worth; the time, day, or the words anyone may dare to say.
So unfair is what I think, but without me I’m alone pass grown, still no home, but you will never find me, “always alone.”
Why shed tears if know one cares? Only for me my solitude nothing could ever compare.
Could I dash in time to see what is ahead, disillusions cloud my visions. Where is the promise you made?
Everything is broken instead: heart, soul, spirit, and mind.
Could time stand still but I still have a future, but the past doesn’t exist could I make it and not have to wish?
My roots from the gutter, how long will I suffer I speak for the others the heartless men we have created and still we don’t look at each other.

Love Withdrawls

ur touch sends a jolt thru my bones
yur laff
ur smile
ur style
drives my heart wild
ur wrds get me high
ur luv is a drug
takin me higher
lik a sereinge in my arm
n nw dat u aint here u gt me goin thru withdrawls.
gt me feelin confused lonely and lost.
where am i posed 2 go 4 my high
when u cutt off my supply.
hw do u expect me 2 get thru dese luv withdrawls
i aint ready 2 giv up wat we had
n i refuse 2 go 2 rehab
i wanna overdose on u
wat im tryna say
is dat i need anotha hit of u

Black Hearted Plague

I tore my heart open
Let you inside
Like a tic
You sucked and sucked
Got what you wanted
And left my heart for dead
Lifeless as a sunflower picked to early
Lonely as the single rose that grows in the concrete
Blackened by your sweet nothings
You left me lifeless, alone, and darkened
But I rose
I returned
Cold hearted
No longer in love
But in lust, hatred, despair
No feelings
No emotions left for my heart to bear
Cold and empty
My heart
A black hole
An endless pit of loveless ness
No light no escape
I love as you did
They give me love
No love returned
I suck them dry
Till their heart like mine
Cold and lonely surely dies
Their heart to rises from the dead
And thus this begin the spread of the black hearted plague
Soon it will reach you
Your heart, your soul, your body
Black, cold and lifeless
Darker than the darkest dark
More sorrowful than the greatest sorrow
It eats at you
Until you cant sleep breathe or eat
Without me
Till the thought of me haunts you
Makes you want me
This loveless love
This unattainable love
This cold hearted and darkened love
I hope the black heart plague
Makes you as miserable as its made me
Makes you go through every season less season
Sunless day
And restless night
Ive suffered through
I hope the dark cloud of the plague follows you from day to day
Until you no longer remember sunlight
Until the plague makes a field of daisies
As cold and lonely as a cemetery
Until it finally runs you to a corner loathing, rotting, molding
All the while knowing
You did this to yourself
When you left my heart broken, scarred, and wide open
You beg please, please, please
But, you caused this disease
Now you reap the consequences
The revenge of a woman scorned
By her fury feel her wrath
As the black hearted plague eats at you slowly
Forcing you to go through your days cold and lonely
Your heart frozen over dead
From the dark and deadly plague

Personal Passion


poetry and photography
are lovers
they share the same imaginative
and body space
said to be worth a thousand words
well written, felt in the heart
they can be gazed upon for centuries
sampled and forged
recited in infinitum
analyzed criticized and even burned
those that escape censorship
bridge the divide between canvas and calligraphy
dispensing with margins
and discarding frames
are treasured from the heart
as something new

(c) Jesse Sharpe 2006

my love her love

It got me screamin the girl i got i bad 4
shes the one that gives me the key so i can open the doorthe one that is on my state of mind
lik a hustler addicted 2 his grind
she does everything that makes me read between the lines
more than ever she got me over my head lik the fray
im just happy 2 kno she aint gay
My life on the line 4 hers i woud lay
the on i would love 2 my hair turns gray
she makes me dance dance lik fall out boy
im just glad 2 know im her boi
ppl say im 2 young 4 it we for it
well if u dont lik than respect it
but u constantly reject it
becuz we both select it
my love her love dont ever misconcept it


I thought what we had was real
NO ONE can explain the feelings that I feel
I was kiSSed
and DISmiissed
How can what i thought was love lead to this?
Baby my love was true
I never knew that hurt and pain’s defifition would be you.
And you say you was hurt 2?
I’m not as stupid as you think.
Did you ever think of me?
while u were out doin wat u do best?
Jumping into your ex’s bed?
I REALIZED I was too good for you.
Even though love tried to stop me,
I REALIZED I had to go.
I REALIZED we were through.

“A walk on the beach”

Like the waters washing ashore
I am reaching out to you

Like the sunset of a cool evening
You calm my waters with ease

Like the smooth evening breeze
Your touch gently glides across my surface

Like the category hurricanes
My heated areas may feed your frustration and anger

But like the spring, summer, Winter and Fall
There are seasons of rough weather

Like the mysterious waters
My feelings for you go deeper to the point where God only knows

Like the Horizon
When we see eye to eye
Our love is Limitless

Like the Sun, Friends come and go as if night and day
But like the moon, in the midst of day and brightness of night
You are always here to stay

Like a Grain of Sand
You have appreciated even the smallest matters

Like the many mammals, plants, and other parts of life beneath the surface
Only nature can explain how your beauty exceeds the seas

This life, this experience with you and me, these feelings
Harmonize indefinitely

You provide the oxygen to my lungs
You are the vitamins and minerals of my body

I just wish that there was another way to tell you
Instead, I turn to leave my footprints in the sand

Copyright © 2009-2011

Ménage a Trois

Man: It was evil.
Woman: It was insidious.

Man/Woman (together): We each thought it was the other until it spoke to us
in our own voices and then we knew we had a vampire.

It flew at us like the past, made a mockery of the future we

Man: Had me thinking she wasn’t the sky I flew in.

Woman: Had me thinking he wasn’t the rock I stood on.

Man/Woman (together): Had us thinking we were each other’s enemy.

Man: Loaded and cocked. My words were fists.

Woman: Stealth bomber. Appeared out of nowhere. Disappeared into pain.

Man: I lost my job.

Woman: I got a promotion.

Man: Attitude problems. I spoke a black man’s language.

Woman: There’s a time and a place. Mouths to feed.

Man/Woman: That’s when it bit.

Man: Damn mosquitoes…

Woman: …sucking our blood.

Man: I slapped at them.

Woman: I sprayed repellant.

Man/Woman: But it wasn’t mosquitoes. Our blood was being drained.

Vampire: The blood was rich. Full of love and life. They had no right to it.
I made it mine. Became big and strong. Starting eyeing the children.
Classic albatross.

Man/Woman: We stood looking at the couple in the mirror.

Woman: Lean.

Man: Fighting lean.

Man: Fuck this shit.

Woman: My name’s not Kendra.

Man: You love me?

Woman: I love you.

Man: You ready?

Woman: I’m ready.