Nonsense Makes Sense

We tango sambo
Manifesting delicious
Delinquency to the tune
Of tito
Ditto machito & his afro-cubans
Plantation palpitations
Bandana fandango
Somber sambo
Santeria celia
Cruz middle passage
Memorizing meringue
Sherbro sho bro
Talk that talk
Tantalize romanticize
Defecate delinquencies
Until p diddy’s umbrella
Is eunichized

Colonial Colón
Original origami
Paper tigers like Swans, geishas, Gertrude
& Virginia
Shakespeare’s sister
In a room of her own
But I’da b well damned
If that be my destiny.

Isis Osiris
Sister brother
Wife husband
ashes spread across seven skies
And I, sis, come looking
Reunification rectification
Holy wholeness
Can’t flub it
Or fuck with it
Untouchable like beloved
Whole womb
Embraces total nut
And it’s on
Like donkey kong
Or king kong.
who ain’t got nuttin on me
Cept extended stomach
Moon round
Full and fecund
Digging the ground
For roots
Sooty black foots my only carriage
But divorce not marriage
That be how I do it do i
While you try to woo it
only to end up rueing it
behind some foolish shit

but that ain’t the end
as I extend into tomorrow
no sorrow
as I search the world round
for the proper noun
to give my seed

P.A.C vs my history
sobukwe no way
Dahomey da homey
Africa to america
Da homey
Get it on, Gat it on
get get gone
only grass seen
prison lawn

don 3 of 4
1st sankara
2nd kono
And yeah, fauna
Has his name
Nowhere near lame

And I reclaim my fame
Signing my true name
I, Sis, You, Bro, San, Son
Isis Osiris and Horus
True trinity.

©2006 Tichaona M. Chinyelu

A Simple Prayer

Dear Lord,
Thank you for this day that you
have given me. I know that it is only beacuse of
Your grace and Your mercy that I am here. So
Lord give me strength on this day. Strength to know thy name,
to seek thy face, to know thy ways. Give me the
courage to go forward allowing me to have peace and serenity.
I ask for wisdom and knowledge to understand Your purpose
for my life. I know with you all things are possilbe.
In the name of Jesus. AMEN

Life’s Song

Life is a song written and produced by God,
But arranged by you.
It may be long and meloncholy, or breif and joyful.
Sing of love,
Pain or anger,
bitterness or regret.
Sing a beautiful and special song of strength and hope
That moves others who witness it,
Or hum it softly to yourself.

Life, like a song, has high notes and low notes
And wrong notes.
No song is perfect, but with practice and dedication,
You’ll learn from your mistakes.
Keep practicing,
And never give up.
This life is your song.
How your song is heard is of your discretion.
But remember, you only get one song,
Make it memorable, because when you are gone,
Your song will still live on
Forever linger in someone’s heart.



My wife speaks life to me
and pardon me while I elaborate
but I don’t think you understand
see, she speaks life to me!

In the midst of situations
holding little or no hope of
a positive outcome;
situations where many would give up,
some deeper perseverance rises
empowering a tired spirit and weak flesh
to breathe and press and be,
my wife speaks life to me.

Not just words of encouragement
sent from someone with little confidence
but from deep inside where
spiritual power resides,
she feeds my soul,
helping me to regain control
of my situation;
allowing the GOD given victory
to fall down upon my location –
the kind of victory that only
dwells with the perseverant and faithful
and all of this
in me exists because
my wife, speaks life to me.

By John M. Swails 2006

A Conversation With God

I had a talk with God the other day
GOD: He told me, if you know what’s good you’ll change your ways
ME: But everything I do is not the right thing
GOD: That’s because you haven’t yet accepted the things that life may bring
ME: But just think, what people will say if they know what’s on my heart
GOD: But child, I created you, you’re my work of art
I made you to have a strong soul no matter what you go through
And yet you continue to take actions that satisfy people and never you
ME: So how come everything is the wrong thing to do
GOD: That’s easy he says, try this, live your life being true
ME: What about the experiences and tribulations that burden me
The troubles flow down, they never seem to cease
GOD: My child, trust in me, I’ll never steer you wrong
Follow your true feelings and it will be easier to move along
ME: Okay lord, I believe you with everything in me
Take control of me, lift me high where I long to be
I have accepted what I could never help
I won’t mind what others say, I love myself
Let’s see where this leads me in this cold cruel world
Thank you for this talk, I no longer feel like a lost little girl

Conversations with a Dream

Last night I spoke to you and you gave me the answer to my most desired question
You released my curiosity
The essence of your imaginary kingdom filled my soul with doubtful awareness
Yet my mind is free
Thank you, I say unto the being that entrapped my perfectionistic ways
I owe you a deal of gratitude for curing me of disbelief

Why haven’t you come before
As I needed you then
That night when I was nailed to the floor trapped and brutalized
He trusted into my soul and I shouted
For you
But you never came

That day when the tower tried to take from me what was mine
A howl to the moon a mother’s cry
On my knees I begged and pleaded
It was you I needed
But you never came

Those hours of pure hate as my face took blame for his misfortunes
Battered and torn I stood and walked again
Yet the shine of silver stood in my path
Once again to take his wrath
I whispered for you
But you never came

A quick reaction a blind distraction and I feared
The laughter stopped and life began to play
Strapped in I plunged into the wall
It was on you that I called
But you never came

But here tonight, no worries, no sorrow, no danger appears
Calm and collect the strength of my virtues keep me warm
Under the covers sheltered from the storm
I realize you were there all along
As I sleep and you speak
In my dreams a conversation takes aim
And then you came