Conversations with a Dream

Last night I spoke to you and you gave me the answer to my most desired question
You released my curiosity
The essence of your imaginary kingdom filled my soul with doubtful awareness
Yet my mind is free
Thank you, I say unto the being that entrapped my perfectionistic ways
I owe you a deal of gratitude for curing me of disbelief

Why haven’t you come before
As I needed you then
That night when I was nailed to the floor trapped and brutalized
He trusted into my soul and I shouted
For you
But you never came

That day when the tower tried to take from me what was mine
A howl to the moon a mother’s cry
On my knees I begged and pleaded
It was you I needed
But you never came

Those hours of pure hate as my face took blame for his misfortunes
Battered and torn I stood and walked again
Yet the shine of silver stood in my path
Once again to take his wrath
I whispered for you
But you never came

A quick reaction a blind distraction and I feared
The laughter stopped and life began to play
Strapped in I plunged into the wall
It was on you that I called
But you never came

But here tonight, no worries, no sorrow, no danger appears
Calm and collect the strength of my virtues keep me warm
Under the covers sheltered from the storm
I realize you were there all along
As I sleep and you speak
In my dreams a conversation takes aim
And then you came

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