A blow from behind
Her body feels sore
The crown of her head
Catches the floor

So why love if love
Doesn’t love you anymore
Why stay with a man
Who rips your soul from the core

I’ll tell you why–Desperate.

She started as a shorty full of life
Then one day up and caught pop’s strife
Watching mom bleed constantly from the dome
This wasn’t TV, this was her home

Her sweet innocence was gone when she was nine
By her brother more than a dozen times
But he fucked up and touched the wrong dime
Whose nigga pulled out a black nine
Shot nine shots, and put her brother in a pine box.

So why put up with this shit today
Cuz the abuse are words someone will never say
And though she tried to go through the right way
Someone pulled her back and told her to stay

Now she’s strung out posted on the wall
Full of heroine, meth, and tons of eight ball
If she needed some help she wouldn’t know who to call

Her mom started tricking and got strung out
Daddy couldn’t keep the bottle out of his mouth
I guess guilty consciences ruins a rep
Cuz after he killed mom, he turned it on himself

Now she’s by herself lurking about
Laying on the floor of a distant crack house

So how did all this come about?
The next time you think about just three words
I know sometimes it sounds absurd
But when has three words saved you
Remember in all that you do
I need you or I love you
May be the link between old and new
Right now she’s still on that floor
Taking a beating, anticipating a score
The next time you open a brand new door
What if nobody loved you anymore.

Desperate for time.
Desperate for crime.
Desperate to switch.
Desperate for a hit.
Desperate for love.
Desperate for life.
If only three words could make it alright.
“For Shantell Neely-I Love You”

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