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Some people are hard-headed but all heads can be bust.
You should have learned that lesson well when he misused your trust.
Who was there to help you heal every time he blacked your eye?
Who was there to offer a shoulder when all you wanted to do was cry?
Who was there to apply band-aids and peroxide to your wounds?
Who was there beside your hospital bed to shower you with flowers and balloons?
Who was there to spend the night when you were afraid to go home alone?
Who was there to comfort you until you fell asleep on the telephone?
Who was there that day you had to testify against him in court?
Who was there not judging you but just offering love and support?
It was me, your girlfriend, I have always been by your side.
So I can’t for the life of me understand why you just up and lied.
Were you jealous of my relationship with the man I plan to marry?
Or is it really that misery loves company and if so well that’s just scary!
Really it was plain unfair of you to try to take my happiness away.
What on earth did I do to you to make you act this way?
Then for you to claim that I had wanted to be raped!?
Saying such a thing as that lets me know this friendship was a mistake!
And you of all people, who have been through a whole slew of abuse!
Girl you were gang-banged twice by more than 7 dudes!
So why you would take an awful thing like that and throw it in my face?
I won’t even try to explain it but your life is a total disgrace.
You sit amongst your cackling hens of friends who talk about you behind your back.
Even through the worst of your drama I have never acted like that.
Then you told my man that our baby may not even be his!
Girl I can’t believe you, what kind of shit is this?!
I’m not worried because I still have my man’s trust despite what you said.
But you better stay far away or it’ll be me at your apartment waiting to bust your head.

Niquenya Fulbright

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