Handed It Ova

by – Poetic_Satisfaction – Moocy87@yahoo.com

All I could whisper was Jesus
No one else could hear my call
All I could whisper was Jesus
The one who catches me when I call

I was down in the depths of despair
It seemed like no one was ever there

But I put my faith in the one above
The one that gives guidance
The one who is love

I thought about my days of hope
My days long ahead
I let the past, be the past
For the suffering didn’t last

While my mind was stayed on my pain
My soul just kept yearning for me to speak his name


All I could murmur was Jesus
Don’t you hear my plea
You are my Lord and Savior
Please come rescue me

The clouds suddenly parted
And I saw this great face

My most fondest memory
Never to be replaced

Because that was the day I gave up my life
And the day I handed it over to Christ.

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