Heavy Feet and all

You touched me and it was lightening lit both our hearts. Setting fire to our souls this is supposed to be but the passion was ever so strong.

We know it is wrong but what could we do. Stop dead in our tracks, turn run in the opposite direction. How could we when it was not our heads but our hearts and bodies that made the decision.

It was when we became one did I really understand that I should not fight I should go with the flow, ride it out so to speak.

And do believe I tried to prevent it in the beginning, because I knew it would be sinning. But he made me weak
So weak I could not have turned and run if I could my feet being heavy and all

I wonder what mama would say
I also wonder will he want to touch me today

So that can feel that weakness that brings me joy ever so sweet heavy feet and all

So tell me how this could be wrong
I know soon he’ll be gone
He is not mine for asking or the taking
But for he is offering

That I allow the lightening and thunder the weak spell just for a time
Because even if I have a soft heart I believe he is the same trouble in question
You know the heavy feet and all

One thought on “Heavy Feet and all

  1. This poem fits me. I am in love and seeing a married man and it is the worst relationship to be in.
    I am trying to get out but it’s so hard.
    I never thought I would be in love with a married man and put people down for doing it. But here I am doing it.

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