I Can’t Understand

sometimes i feel like a bird as my mind drifts away not understanding why i must feel this way

on certain days i dream thoughts that seem to have a unsteady flow waitin an watchin as my dreams make a show

still i cant understand why must i love somthin thats hurts so much an even though they hurt me i long for their touch

true love is what wise men say but i am only a fool a love that is so deep i am afraid to say its true

my mind makes circles as i walk along the path holdin my shadows hand as love takes its wrath

i been through it all had love an felt it but why must i let go of somethin of somethin i never dealt with

i cant understand sometimes why i go through the things i go through trials an tribulations faith is a must i must do

i am scared of of the battle of life movin on after they’re gone livin in the past as i try to write along

a life without love is somethin i cant understand but why must i fight love as it takes me by the hand

why must i feel this way an ask dumb questions calling upon the lord repentin an askin for a blessin

i feel like a book that is missing upon a shelf maybe i do understand but i just cant understand myself

i love to lust but why not love to love for the person i play with is the one who acts as a dove

i mean that person is beautiful to me in every aspect of life thats makes me understand why a man proposes to his wife

sometimes i do feel as a bird as i flyin along the sea drifting with the drifters floating among the trees

i do understand but maybe i dont a life so simple but quit i wont

all the times i was wrong i felt i was right but when i thought back it was u that changed my life

to be honest i dont understand what i go through maybe we go through it all sometimes we rise as sun sets then we fall

a life of ups an downs is what we may have but jesus paid the cost of dyin because he cared

i think thats my problem i care too much so sometimes i understand why we must live an let go

so i will live life let go an live in my dreams holdin on to wat may last only for me

even at times a boy dreams to be a man but at the same time somethin so simple i cant understand

i cant understand why must i love what i cant see but maybe thats the reason why love runs away from me

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