I cried when

I cried when I looked in the million dollar churches, but seen ten dollar Life styles
Church Folks walking around living in traditions denial

I cried when I seen people come in church and jump and shout
But when we get in the parking lot you not to save that you can’t curs me out

I cried when I see the same STD statistic running ramped in the night clubs
In running ramped in the church because we still got so called leaders that are under cover pubs.

I cried when I seen church people come in with big suits and bling bling
Then when they get up to blow there is no anointing when they sing.

I cried when I see people preach in the pulpit but there kids can’t read
Makes me wonder what we are feeding our seed

I cried when the next generation is seeping deeper and deeper into sin
Because we have parents who can’t be parents because they are trying to be there kides friends
I cryed when our generation can’t see clear there purpose
Confuse because of the bondage of generational curses

I cried when preachers are telling me to forsake and live for God
But they got a mistress and a wife; there talk is just that, a façade

I cried when the church is support to be a place of healing
But when you leave you more wounded then what you came in

I am sorry if you’re offended by my venting but I will not take it back
It time for us to stand up and make up for our slack and lack

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