I Saw

by Poetic_Satisfaction – Moocy87@yahoo.com

I’ve met someone so special
I call her my new friend
‘Cuz I could tell her everything about me
All the things hidden deep within

There were so many things I wanted to confess
The things no one would think were true
She just sat there and listened to me
It’s like she had been there too

We laughed and talked and cried
She seemed to know there was more concealed inside
There was much beauty behind her pain
She told me there’s a rainbow after every rain

She told me to always hold my head up
To always be strong
Because there was big future ahead of me
I just had to make sure I held on

She meant so much to me
And I didn’t know her name
But I could tell that she understood
And knew I wasn’t to blame

Why would someone so rare and kind
Have anything to do with me?
Was it because I needed pity
Or was she jus that sweet?
Was it because she had nothing to do
Or was she sympathetic to everyone she meets?

I don’t know exactly what it was
But I couldn’t let her go
She was so important to me
And she just had to know

As I stared genuinely into her eyes
I saw me deep within
And as I moved in closer
To see the picture clearer
All I saw was my reflection
‘Cuz I was standin’ in front on a mirror.

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