I Wish

sweetie – shant86@yahoo.com

Ooh how I wish that the world could what I see
Even when I look into the eyes of a
A homeless person on the street
I see hope
And sadness
From the way this world treats a person with a little bit of madness
No one even willing to listen to his stories
About things that he has seen and places he has been
About being rejected and accepted and rejected again
Only to find out that Uncle Sam is nobody’s friend
Ooh yes, can you see what I see
When I look into the eyes of an abused child
To see nothing but pain
Hurt and
Hoping and praying this world can set her free
Knowing deep inside that she can not escape
From this pain and misery
But nobody even stops to glance and wonder why
This child so sweet has scars on her arm and bruises on around her eye
But only to know that she keeps on running away
From that home that is sugar-coated to make it seem so sweet
But that a closer look and you will see
This place is only a place where her soul is torn
Making it harder for her to be set free
Now can you see what I see when I look into the eyes
Of a racist
To see someone blind of color
And someone’s mind that isn’t free
Someone who’s mind isn’t open to color and unity
Being afraid of realizing the truth
Knowing that everyone is special and in need
And that all of the slaves were freed
And that god is the judge not you
Dig deep inside and you’ll realize that
being a racist is something that’s not true

Someday my wish will come true.

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