If you let me

May i please intrude upon your heart?
I know someone was there before me
and could possibly still have some of her belongings there.
But its OK. I know when the time is right, you will clear her things away.

Let me help you along the way
Let me listen to you talk about everything, and nothing at all
Let me watch you grow into a better person, from lessons learned of life and love
Let me allow you to rest your head on my lap as we watch TV
Let me help you to make new memories
Let me remind you how good love can be
Let me let you inside of me

I don’t want to push the issue
but there is something there
something that would not allow me
to see you down this way

Let me see what this something was pushing me to
Let me hypnotize you with my scent, and intrigue you with my mind
Let me help you along the way
Allow your heart to beat with mine
in tune
in rhythm
on time
Let me hold you close so you can feel me melting onto you

We both have a past
but that is where it needs to stay
back there
We both have a present
and here we are
let me help you make our future

I know pain dwells inside of you
but my pleasure can feel so much better
trust me
I can make this all go away
If you let me

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