In your eyes

by – juscallme_tru –

In your eyes…In your eyes I…in your eyes I found myself. I look harder and find who I am, what I am. In your eyes I found…In your eyes I found the answers to the questions left alone. The riddles left puzzled and the remained mysteries unsolved. In your eyes I’ve fallen to this void, to this voice that seems to silently call my name. Your eyes wispier what the paused tongue never spoke of speaks of.
In your hand…in your hand you hold this poets heart, this person reason and logic. In your palm you hold the dreams of the dreamer in everlasting sleep.
In your presence you bring this lonely one hope this lonely one a love this one a chance for life anew.
Close your eyes and I lose myself and everything I’ve found in you.
Close your hand and brush your palm and you crush and blow away this poets heart and the life that it sustains.
Turn away and you take away the light at the end of the tunnel returning endless darkness and devastation.
With you I’ve found my comfort, my balance to this spiral, and with you I place my everything.

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