Let’s Make It Me & You

I know what we’re doing is wrong
but when our bodies connect, it just feels so right
see, when you touch me in all the right places
I feel this power fall over me like voodoo.
But when he touches me, that feeling isn’t there
You see, he satisfies me emotionally
but you satisfy me physically, sexually and mentally.
When I lay alone in my bed, I can feel your
strong hands caressing my body.
I can feel your tongue touch my spine
I can feel you slowly searching for my soul.
I never meant for this to go this far
but you trapped me in your maze of lust
and now I can’t get out.
Don’t get me wrong, what we do feels good in every way
but we’re only hurting ourselves.
I can’t have you the way I want you
and you can’t have me.
So is this a waste of our time?
Or is this our destiny,
to please and be pleased?
Was it meant for you to be addicted to how I feel inside?
Was it meant for me to let you?
These are the questions I ponder on everyday
when I think of you….
when I think of us….
I don’t want to put an end to our little rendevous
so let’s just make it something more…
ME & YOU…..

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