Letter to the President

Sincere – ZionizLife@netscape.net

Dear Mr. PRESident,

I think its funny how you use Americans as test dummies, sticking our noses in the business of other countries. You see the lives lost overseas its the same way everyday, you bumping up gas prices then maybe you should up our pay. Because I think that’s its past due for you to reconcile the truth amongst (y)our country’s people, you stand against homosexuality in the military while sending toy solders to play casualties, now which murder is legal? Now do you want war or do you want peace in the streets,give me a job or I’ll continue selling dope to make ends meet. You say that there is a war on drugs but can you stop the one that’s in our schools, because if you think an assault rifle can’t be sneaked in class then you’re a damn fool. You only come around when you need the votes for another election, I hear the people talk, drop out for your own protection. This world was not created so that you could pose our country as being a major threat, now you got men running around dancing with bombs strapped to their chest. The REVOLUTION is here and I need no man to lead me, because I read the book on SUICIDE by Huey P. Newton’s apple bump me on the head with a question to ask, but I knew the answer,”they stay behind their desk to save their own ass.” And what’s the deal, I heard that you might be cutting out income tax, we work hard as is, how about cutting Equifax. The issues aren’t hard to understand if just listen to what the people want, better pay attention before Kerry gets elected and you don’t. I’m tired of all this bullshit that YOU got stated, it sickens me to the core as if ten chickens farted. Is there, no there is a better re-solution to what’s going on, this day was prophisized leaving Jesus right and you completely wrong. Then you f**ked me up by saying that the economy is better because you, oh yeah, the unemployment rate has just went up again so thank you. The stock market is just the opposite of those statistics, some go up but mostly down, now who’s being optimistic. Just leave well enough alone then you wouldn’t be getting all these complaints left on your phone. I’m just saying what many are afraid to say so will you turn the lights on and lead a better way. Because if you can’t get this mess together here and overseas, then the people and I think its’ best you leave.

Your Biggest Fan,

p.s. Tell your people to find Bin Laden before he finds us again!

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