Life or Death by

Armed men with weapons
of educational projections
to combat societies false prejudices
to be dismantled upon discovery of our youth
never has this truth been in such great demand
you can be what you want to be per Nas
not necessarily ghetto superstars sing Pras
but men of substance
these men must disarm their love for the streets
with siren filled beats
which is always followed by prison bars
learn the difference between right and wrong
remain strong
know that your strength does not lie
in your trigger finger
or your ability to pull it
defuse it
excercise control and use it
live life with a laugh
not a 9 millimeter
honor life and death
and remember
the last breath is final
substitute violence with silence
walk away
acknowledge God each day and pray
respect and protect your community
by not being the problem
but part of the solution
the leader of this Revolution
stay focused and centered
lessons learnt by boys turned MENtors.

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