u kno love is a great thing to experience well even when u r down, and even in the toughtest times love can turn a frown upside down
love can help a person change 4rm a boy to a man, love can exchange feelings like no one else can
but now adays it seems as if love has gone forever an just left, as if its here one day the next day gone like “death”
an if u feel that love isnt there well it could be around the way, maybe u just havent seen it approach r come your way
but i tell u that love cannot make or change a fate, for even if u do help someone they still might show hate
and if they do show hate to u well love them for some ironic reason, because for every person u help always comes the right season
but even with a season love can spread joy, to a friend u love like a girl r a boy
but as for me love is just a white beautiful dove, makin u closer with the one above
an by the one above i mean the one whos there,the one who we as humans look up to for care
and also i tell u to care is to like, cuz if u care for someone u see good with them in your life
and to my brothers love her and show care, beacuse no matter wat u say you would be hurt if she wasnt there
and treat her right dont hit her in the face, kiss her on the lips hold her and touch the right place
an to my sistas treat him right and love your man, beacuse you to would be hurt to see him hold someone elses hand
“And To Those That I Dont Kno But Hope To See, I Tell You To Love And That Love Will Set You Free”

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