Maybe If

Maybe if you made things more, clear I wouldn’t ask questions
If you spoke up more, I wouldn’t make so many suggestions
If you tried a little harder, I wouldn’t push you
If you encouraged me more, going forward wouldn’t be an issue
If you reached out to me more, I wouldn’t have to dive in
Maybe we can start all over again…
Maybe if I shut up sometimes, I’d hear you
And yeah, I shouldn’t get upset at a lot of the things you do
If I wasn’t so paranoid and so insecure
We’d definetly learn to love each other even more
If I checked my own attitude over and over again
We would only have arguments every now and then
But for right now, I want to know you won’t break my heart
Maybe if I stopped thinking that this, realtionship could start

2 thoughts on “Maybe If

  1. I like this one it does show both sides very clearly and it sounds just like my fiancee’ and I. He nneds to learn to shut up sometimes and i need to quit being so insecure at times.

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