Movement of Word

by- mickeye48 –

Lyrical scripting
Poetic extensions of the mind
Focusing on the verbs
Feeling their movement
Stinging like a thousand fire ants
On a hot summer day
Making you reach down and scratch
To take the pain away
Shear pleasure of the flow of word
Making love to you
Needing you, wanting you
Too afraid not to write you
Scripting the sublime
Close your eyes and write
Feel what you need to say, then
Say it, take your time
Go beyond the norm with
Write educate our minds with
Your own
Need to read what you feel
Incorporate and it and grow
Pieces of your mind floating
Around, like remnants in a water glass
Trying to catch what you want to say
One word at a time
Making you tear at the thought of
A thought beyond control
That had long since been buried
Reaching and picking up the baggage
But you only put it on paper
You dare not write
What your heart is feeling
Somebody might judge you
But the creative juices
Seep out like sweat during good sex
The blockage is too hard to bear
Can’t finish the piece
Staring at the paper
Its killing you cause
Your pores are opened
And the beads of words keep
Popping out on your skin
Close your eyes and start again
Ah, that’s it that’s the thought
The verses began to form again
True love of verse is a jealous love
Don’t want anyone touching your word
But it seems like someone just jacked a line
We’re a mindset
Thinking along the same lines and
Rhymes conjoins us like twins
Spitting verse as if we were born together
Love it,
Embrace it
Taste it
Digest it
Write it
Don’t ever murder
The lyrical scripting
phone call
Long Dinner
Flirty conversation
silk sheets
nina simone playing
flickering candles
chocolate pudding
kinky movie
whipped cream
sticky embraces
humid environment
eyes talking
caramel kisses
Wet sheets
playful fingers
wet flesh
grinding hips
hungry mouths
hot hands
a touch
a caress
a smile
a laugh
Just thinking about this….Feels GOOD

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