Mr. What If

For those who have one, know one, or is one

Who is Mr. “What If?”
He’s the one you once made love to
In a dream,
or in reality.
The one who slips into your thoughts
when your alone…
or with someone else.
He’s the one you yearn for,
The one you let get away.

The one whom you reminisce about past affections
The man you think of one day feeling clear reflections of his love.

He makes you laugh,
When the world’s cruelty makes you cry.
When everyone else only sees the style of your hair,
The makeup on your face,
And build of your body,
He knows your mind,
Feels your spirit,
And sees your soul
Underneath it all.

He’s the friend that’s more than a friend,
The crush,
The old flame that continues burning deeply within.
The man who you would,
if you could,
but you won’t,
Cause for some reason you just can’t…

But What If?


2 thoughts on “Mr. What If

  1. The poem really related to me because I have had this boy make me feel that exact same way but the only bad thing about all of that is those feelings dont last forever they dont even last a long time.

  2. I love this poem it makes me think of some one who culda been very special to me but i let him slip away bcuz i was to afraid to take that chance and now he’s my mr.what if

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