My Debt

If I were to immerse my feelings in regret, shall my debt be paid?

I doubt a solution would be found amongst tears that blur and sting,

Dehydrate my sprit, see through red veined eyes. 

This I resolve I refuse to behold.

As for me, I shall hold my head up, proud to be alive, stronger, proven!

I’ll gather my skirts and gracefully rise, forging stumbles from the past out of my memory.

I refuse to blush; rosy cheeks will result only from the heat of determination,

for momma taught nothing in life is easy.

If only I could be as driven as she,

She will prove to be my motivation.

Single within her own rights.

A provider, nurse maid, banker, cleaner, sower; sowing seeds for her offspring to reap.

These too I shall be, singing praises to the only man who ever truly adored me. 

I will raise my head high and allow tears to flow happily only for he, providing thanks for free will, and with mine I will freely serve HE.

NO Regrets, I shall swim in rivers of wisdom, teach others the art of forgiveness,

Love the art of struggle and preserve my sprit alive.

And not fear death, for through death will my debt be paid.

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