My Story

sex appeal –

My story is no different.
It might be similar to yours.
I was in love with a man who said he loved me but his
true love was hitting on me.
I am the kind of woman who loves tough & sometimes refuse
to give up on love.

My story is deep.
It might hurt you in ways you wouldn’t believe.
I was there for this man through everything.
I was there for this man when he felt like he was nothing
& I was determined to make him feel like something.

My story cuts deeper than you could ever imagine.
It might scare you & you might have the need to ask questions.
One day he got mad at me & slapped me across the face.
He’d take his pocket knife & cut me deep in the waist.
There was pain but nothing would convince me to leave & I had a motive.
The evidence was there in my face & on my body.

My story would shock you.
It might even make you cry.
Two years & too many tears.
I’d sit and look outside my window & wonder how could I get
free & then I’d freeze because I know he wouldn’t let me.
He would refuse my request to leave and even if I got away he would go
on a rampage to find me.

My story started to hurt me even more.
It might help an abusee to get away from there abuser.
I finally decided to leave this man I was in love with who abused me deeply.
He abuse me in so many ways.
I waited until he was sleep & made my getaway & never returned.
He searced for me & I was no where to be found.
I moved to Paris to start a new & better life.

My story is now history.
My story was January 1998.
In 1999 I started off with a clean slate.
Take my advice don’t the abuser because the person your
hurting the most is you.

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